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為什麼用getting married?

He is getting married.他將要結婚了 是未來式 為什麼married要用過去式?


可以用getting marry嗎?可用 He is going to get married嗎

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    married 在這裡是當作形容詞用的過去分詞(pp), 作"結婚了的"解. 因為是形容詞, 所以只能用pp, 不能用 getting marry, 因為marry是動詞.同樣的句型還有- He is getting promoted. 他快要升官了.- I am getting admitted by NTU EMBA. 我快被台大EMBA錄取了.可以用marry這個動詞, 但是用法就不一樣囉, marry是"嫁或娶"的意思. 例句如下:- John will marry Selena next month. 約翰下個月要娶瑟琳娜.- Selena will marry John next month. 瑟琳娜下個月要嫁給約翰.He is going to get married.也是正確的, 等於 He will get married.

    參考資料: TOEIC 910的我
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    不過 be going to 與 will 還是有差別

    be going to 有未來肯定的意思

    will 也是有未來,但不代表一定肯定

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  • 小方
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    get married 是慣用的"要結婚"之意, 而get 的詞性在此為連綴動詞, 依文法翻的話就是即將變成結婚的/已婚的, 至於He is going to get married. 是正確的. He is getting to marry (則要加上to + 人), 表示和誰結婚, getting marry就變兩個動詞, 文法有誤.

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  • Sophie
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    He is going to get married and he is getting marry........both are corrent, of course, you can say that, but in the oral conversation, people use "He is getting marry/married" often.

    I assume you know that is going to = will, but why is going to? Means he/she is actually going to do the action, means that's certain things for sure. not for sure then is going you know what I mean?

    So, entire marry things, you are gonna use a lot of "-ing"......for example, he is going to cut the cake, or you can say he is gonna cut the cake, "subject verb gonna" = "is going to", more oral, more local speaking if you know what I mean. But don't use gonna in the writing paper.....haha. Some words just fit either in speaking or writing......

    Good luck to your friend........

    PS. I just got married......hehe~

    參考資料: me
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    Hi all,

    Getting married means... P.P. [Grammar] a present participle



    2006-10-30 05:46:46 補充:

    getting marry? (wrong)He is going to get married! (correct)

    參考資料: 我是澳洲客
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