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有關英文作文 請高手幫忙一下

主題是Beauty contests are an insult to woman

這個要怎麼回答阿 ~~怎麼做阿~

我一直找不到頭緒!! 可以請高手 幫我打個稿嗎??

我需要兩分鐘的回答... 希望能有人幫我!!


對的 我需要的就是這個... Body和Conclusion可以借我參考嗎?? 真的很感激你...

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你也是外語系的嗎?? 我是嘉南外語系的學生^^


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哪個阿 可以不可順便給我一下中文的翻譯阿..


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    "Do you think beauty competitions are demeaning or insulting to women?"


    Do you like join a contest? Do you like watch a contest, especially beauty contest? Nowadays people around the world love a competition, from minor contests to major competitions. When we are students, we like to join a running contest or neat contest. Maybe take a beauty contest is in order to satisfy men’s demands. I didn’t mean you guys. But you know to hold a competition is a purpose that should be good for you.





    2006-10-31 21:31:42 補充:

    Body:Personally, I think that beauty contest always focus on contestants’ figures and appearances. Everyone is dressing on bikinis or swimsuits so women’s beauty contests are usually get advantages over men’s. It is just like a meat-market, everyone is looking for somebody to eat them.

    2006-10-31 21:32:01 補充:

    Is that insulting to women very much? And many contestants’ quality was trained on purpose. One can take many practices before they are going to take a part in contest. Most of the contestants join the contest in order to become famous or to make a lot of money.

    2006-10-31 21:32:27 補充:

    This trend will make many girls do not focus on their works. In Taiwan, a beauty contest to nominate Miss Taipei, from beginning till now, every champion was been got rid of their awards.

    2006-10-31 21:32:53 補充:

    Because that they didn’t care about their own deeds and words. They were founded that they gambling or run into a debt.

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