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President Hu Jintao (胡錦濤) -- who has a post-graduate degree in water conservancy engineering -- has made sustainable development one of the goals of his administration. Last month, the government promised to spend a trillion yuan (US$129 billion) over the next five years on waste treatment and water recycling. In Beijing and other cities, water charges have been increased to encourage more efficient use of supplies.

Yet the prevailing ethos is that the problems of growth and science can be solved by more growth and more science. Cloud seeding is being used to induce precipitation artificially. Despite the increasingly evident environmental impact of giant hydroelectric plants such as the Three Gorges Dam, the nation's thirst for energy has pushed policy makers to announce plans for dozens of dams along the tributaries of the Yangtze, the Yellow and the Nu rivers.

The biggest hydro-engineering plan of all has just started. The US$63 billion north-south water diversion plan involves the construction of three giant canals from the Yangtze up to the arid north and west. The work is expected to take 50 years. Once completed, it will channel 44 billion cubic meters of water across the Chinese landmass.

Environmentalists argue that China needs a fundamental change of philosophy. Although Hu's administration has promoted sustainable development for three years, local governments do not appear to be listening. Why should they? With no elections and no free media, cadres are more worried about their superiors than the people they are supposed to serve.

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  • Jean
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    胡錦濤總統 -- 誰有一個碩士學位在水管理工程學-- 做了可持續發展他的管理的當中一個目標。上個月, 政府許諾花兆元(US$129 十億) 以後五年在廢料治理上和澆灌回收。在北京和其它城市, 水充電被增加鼓勵對供應的更加高效率的用途。戰勝的性格是, 成長和科學的問題可能由更多成長和更多科學解決。雲彩播種使用人為地導致降雨雪。儘管大的水力發電廠的越來越顯然環境影響譬如三峽大壩, 國家的乾渴為能量推擠政策制訂者宣佈計劃為許多水壩沿揚子、黃色和Nu 河的附庸國。全部的最大的與+ 結合工程學計劃開始了。US$63 十億南北水轉換計劃介入三條巨型運河的建築從揚子由乾旱的北部和西部決定。工作被預計需要50 年。一旦完成, 它將開闢44 十億立方米水橫跨中國landmass 。環境保護者爭辯說, 中國需要哲學的根本變動。雖然胡的管理促進了可持續發展三年, 當地政府不看上去聽□。為什麼應該他們? 沒有競選和沒有自由媒介, 他們應該服務的幹部比人民更擔心他們的優勝者。

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