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Plato's dismissive remark also points to something that feminists need to take very seriously, namely, that a distinctively feminist ethic, as Susan Bordo and others argue, should include the body as moral agent, Here too the experiences of women in patriarchal cultures are especially valuable because women, more then men, experience the effects of culturally sanctioned oppressive attitudes toward the appropriate shape of the body. Susan Bordo has argued that anorexia nervosa is a “psychopathology” made possible by Cartesian attitudes toward the body at a popular level. Anorexacs typically feel alienation from their bodies and the tunger “it” feels. Bordoquotes one woman as saying she ate because “my stomach wanted it”; another dreamed of being “without a body.'’Anorexics want to achieve “absolute purity, hyperintallectuality and transcendence of the flesh” (Bordso 1988, 94, 95; also see Chernin 1981), These attitudes toward the body have served to distort the deep sense in which human beings are embodid creatures; they have therefore further distorted our veing as animals. To be a person, as distinct from an “animal,” is to be disembodied. This dynamic is vividly exposed by Carol Adams in The Sexual Politics of Meat (Adams 1989, part 1). There are important connections through fod between the oppression of women and the oppression of nonhuman animals.



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    柏拉圖的拒絕評論還指向對某事男女平等主義者需要採取非常嚴重, 即, 特別地女權概念, 作為蘇珊Bordo 和其他人爭論, 應該包括身體作為道德代理, 這裡婦女的經驗在家長式文化太是特別可貴的因為婦女, 然後人, 體驗文化上被認可的壓迫態度的作用往身體的適當的形狀。蘇珊・Bordo 爭辯說, 厭食nervosa 是"psychopathology" 由Cartesian 態度使成為可能往身體在一個普遍的水平。Anorexacs 典型感受疏遠從他們的身體和它"感覺的tunger" 。Bordoquotes 一名婦女當說她吃了因為"我的胃想要它"; 另作夢是"沒有body.''Anorexics 想要達到" 骨肉的absolute 純淨、hyperintallectuality 和卓絕"(Bordso 1988 年, 94, 95; 也參見Chernin 1981), 這些態度往身體用於變形人是embodid 生物的深刻的感覺; 他們因此進一步變形了我們veing 作為動物。是人, 與"動物相區別," 將是被遣散的。

    這動態由卡羅爾・亞當斯生動地暴露在性政治肉(亞當斯1989 年, 第部分1) 。有重要連接通過fod 在婦女壓迫和非人動物之間壓迫。

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