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    In fact at this end of season report before.The oneself has no too great cognition or special research really to religious this aspect.But through this special experience.Collected much related data from the network and the book.Was juxtaposed to raise the Buddhism and Christianity to be a comparison.True of from high school to a few.I also found a religion and can influence of the scope was really too big.The religion all exists in in the world each nation and race.So far.Haven't yet found which nation to have no religion.And there is the quantity of the religion and faith to be absolutely more than irreligion to believe in in the world.I think the religion really is an unending university to ask.

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    Actually before this end of season report Own really do not have the

    too big cognition perhaps the special research to religious this

    aspect But passes through this special experience Has collected many

    correlations materials from the network and the books And has

    enumerated Buddhism and Christianity when compare Really to many from

    the middle school I had also discovered the religion can affect the

    scope too has been really big The religion in each country and the

    nationality all exists in the world So far Had not discovered which

    country doesn't have the religion Moreover in the world has the

    religious 信仰者 quantity 絕 to be more than non- religious

    信仰者 I thought the religion really is a without limits big



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