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Anything that resides on the local machine is in the MyComputer zone. The Intranet zone

includes any code downloaded using a UNC location such as \\\\ServerName\\Drive\\Folder\\

Filename.TXT. The Intranet zone also applies for anything you access using a mapped drive. CLR

also uses the Intranet zone for code downloaded from a WINS site, rather than a standard IP site,

such as a local Web server. Anything outside of these two zones is in the Internet zone. Initially, the

Trusted and Untrusted zones are empty. However, the network administrator can place sites that

are normally in the Internet zone into either the Trusted zone (to raise its confidence level) or the

Untrusted zone (to lower its confidence level). The NoZone zone is a temporary indicator for items

that CLR has yet to test. You should never see this zone in use.

Considering Code Access

The word evidence brings up the vision of a court with judge and jury for many people. The image

is quite appropriate for the .NET Framework because any code that wants to execute must present

its case before CLR and deliver evidence to validate any requests. CLR makes a decision about the

code based on the evidence and decides how the evidence fits within the current policies (laws) of

the runtime as set by the administrator. Theoretically, controlling security with evidence as CLR

does allows applications built on the .NET Framework to transcend limitations of the underlying

operating system. Largely, this view is true. However, remember that CLR is running on top of the

underlying operating system and is therefore subject to its limitations. Here’s the typical evidence-

based sequence of events.

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    在地方機器居住的任何在我的計算機區域。 內部網區域

    包括使用一個UNC地點被下載的所有代碼例如\ \ServerName \駕駛\文件夾\

    文件名。TXT. 內部網區域也申請您使用一個映射驅動器訪問的任何。 CLR為從勝利站點下載的代碼也使用內部網區域, 而不是一個標準IP站點,

    例如一臺地方網絡服務器。 任何在這二個區域外面在互聯網區域。 最初, 被信任的和不信任的區域是空的。 然而, 網絡管理員能安置站點那

    通常在互聯網區域入被信任的區域(提高它的信心)或不信任的區域(降低它的信心)。 NoZone區域是臨時顯示為項目

    那CLR有測試。 您不應該看這個區域在使用中。 考慮代碼訪問詞證據提出一個法院的視覺與法官和陪審員為許多人。 圖像

    為是相當適當的。網絡框架,因為想要執行的所有代碼必須在CLR之前提出它的情況和提供證據確認任何請求。 CLR做出一個決定關於

    根據證據的代碼和在當前政策(法律)之內決定怎麼證據適合運行時間和由管理員設置了。 理論上, 控制安全以證據作為CLR

    允許在建立的應用。超越局限的網絡框架部下操作系統。 主要, 這個看法是真實的。 然而, 切記因此CLR跑在它上面部下操作系統并且是受它的局限支配。 這典型的證據基於事件順序。

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