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domain , in connection with , qualify for , acquire , give ... up , in case of ,be .. liable to ,

suppose ,made up ,pending ,turn up ,end up ,anticipate ,afford to ,unavailable ,learn about ,only if ,offer price ,prevent , in charge of ,compared with ,not only .. but ..also,

intent to , refer to , put up ,as a general rule ,whether .. or , come to term , up to ,

other than ,lack of , offer to , the more .. the more

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    1.domain領土The conspirators were banished from the king's domain.陰謀家們被趕出了國王的領土。2.qualify for使具有資格Two years of experience qualified him for a promotion.兩年的資歷使他有資格獲得升遷。3.acquire獲得Gradually we acquired experience in how to do the work.我們逐步獲得了做這工作的經驗。4.give ... up 放棄The girl gave up halfway.這女孩中途放棄。5.suppose猜想I suppose he is still in town.我想他還在城裡。6.anticipate預料It is impossible to anticipate when it will happen.不可能預料這事何時發生。7.prevent預防Vitamin C is supposed to prevent colds.維他命C被認為能預防感冒。8.pending迫近的He knew my examination was pending.他知道我的考試就要來臨。9.whether .. or不管是...(或是)We'll go on with the work, whether we can find the necessary tools or not.不管我們能否找到所需的工具,我們要把這件工作做下去。10.compared with 比較Compared with him, I am a bungler.與他相比,我只能算是一個笨拙的人。11.offer to 願意They offered to help me.他們表示願意幫助我。12.lack of 欠缺He can not buy it because of his lack of money.他因缺錢買不起這個。13.put up 建造They put up a tent by the fire.他們在火堆旁搭起了一個帳篷。