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Mr.徐 發問時間: 健康心理健康 · 1 0 年前




如認為有更順的句子也請幫我修改一下 謝謝

man1: 嗨 man2 好久不見 暑假過的如何呀?


man2: 嗨 好久不見 我這個暑假去墾丁衝浪呀

man1: 哇嗚 那應該很刺激吧 那你和誰去呢?

man2: 恩 我和我的高中同學一起去

喔 還有我們還去了風帆衝浪喔

man1: cool 我想你們一定玩的很開心吧

man2: 當然呀 我們整天都玩的很開心

順便一提 晚上我們還去pub玩 認識很多女生唷

man3: hey 各位 好久不見 看你們聊的很開心


man1: 好久不見 我們在聊暑假趣事呀

man3: 那我可以一起聊嗎?

man2: ok 那這個暑假你在做什麼?

我跟我朋友去墾丁玩 你呢?

man3: 喔 我跟我家人去旅遊 但我不覺得好玩

因為天氣都很不好 讓我很無助

man2: 是喔 那真是無趣 說點有趣的吧 man1 你呢?

man1: 我回到台中跟一些高中同學相約出去血拼

偶爾一個人在家聽音樂 放鬆自己

man3: 那還真不錯 我也是常常跟朋友去打籃球 聊天 那真是愉快

只不過有一次受了傷 傷到腳 那真的很痛

man2: 是喔 那還好吧 有去看醫生嗎?他怎麼說?

man3: 沒什麼大礙 他說 要休息一段時間

man2: 要小心嘍 那還有什麼好玩的事嗎?

man3: 沒了耶 man1 你呢?

man1: 我也有跟我家人出去旅遊 畢竟很久沒跟家人相處

我們去了很多地方 例如:

順便一提 我還遇到了我國中同學喔

man3: 那真的很巧 喔 對了 或許明年暑假我們可以一起出去玩呀

man2: 好呀 但是要去哪玩呢?

man1: 或許我們可以環島一周呀

man3: 哇嗚 還漫刺激的 man2 你覺得呢?

man2: 嗯~~~~~~這是個good idea

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  • 1 0 年前

    man1: Man2 is after a long time. Summer vacation..pass..which..

    iodination.Is there an interesting thing?

    man2: It surfs Tei during this summer vacation of me ..after a long time.. in


    man1: That you who should come to be excited very much and who go in?

    man2: Go with ..Onwatashi.. schoolmate in my high school and still ..


    It goes surfing about the sail and vomiting has us who says.

    man1: Cool I will have very in your play surely thought.

    man2: Very by entire play during our day of course

    In the evening, we get to know a lot of women students yo who still

    go to pub and play when we incidentally have it.

    man3: Are it very happy that you chatted after a long time the hey all of you,

    what is you seen, and is it seen to chat?

    2006-11-03 17:13:47 補充:

    man1: We ..after a long time.. are chatting interesting thing during summer vacation... man3: Can I chat to that together?man2: What are the take a rest you doing to ok that in this summer?Is my and my friend you who goes to play in Tei?

    2006-11-03 17:14:44 補充:

    man3: Ah Watashi and my family goes on a trip and because the weather is not very good all, I :. It never helps very much and it becomes me who doesn't feel that it is interesting. man2: Man1 that makes it say that was not really interesting and interesting?

    2006-11-03 17:15:32 補充:

    man1: It goes out and shopping : occasionally alone with the schoolmate in the hilt high school to which I return in the stand. I who promises music to be listened am relaxed because it is in the house.

    2006-11-03 17:16:14 補充:

    man3: I not bad either always go further truly then with the friend and it is really happily that chat. Only receiving the wound of time is really very ..(.. ..decrease.. painful even the foot ..) damage (damage).. .... then.

    2006-11-03 17:18:22 補充:

    man2: Might go for the examination in there is no change?How does he say?

    2006-11-03 17:18:46 補充:

    man3: Disturbing it very much is moment time taking a rest that nothing man


    man2: Then, what kind of a certain noted interesting thing is it?

    man3: Man1 that not is?

    2006-11-03 17:19:22 補充:

    man1: It is very long in which it might go so that the family of Watashi of me

    may travel after all, and it is a family and association.

    For instance ..going we to a lot of provinces in being..: .

    2006-11-03 17:19:48 補充:

    Was and met pursuing of the junior high school friend in our country still by me

    when having it.

    man3: Then, the take a rest we will go next summer when doing really very much dexterous Sei, existing, and grazing to be able to play together.

    2006-11-03 17:20:05 補充:

    man2: It is good, and does it go and where does it play?

    man1: One turn we of whole island

    man3: Is man2 that it was excited for to overflow and to soak it Cange?

    man2: ~~~~~~The shine this is good idea.

    2006-11-03 17:21:04 補充:

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