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call your daddy in the bronx

call your daddy in the bronx這一句話是哪裡來的  美國的廣告? 還是其他?有圖片或影片更佳 



electric dreams 裡就有了




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    應該是美國歌手Daddy Yankee的廣告詞


    "call your daddy in the bronx"是美國cd唱片公司的廣告詞


    Tuesday, October 24, 2006

    Daddy Yankee Artist Of The Year

    The talented, respected, and king of reggaeton Daddy Yankee won artist of the year in MTV Latinoamerica 2006. This event took place in the Palacio de los deportes en the city of Mexico. Daddy Yankee said, "I dedicate this award to all does Young people who battled against bad times and now are at the top of the universe". In other words he clearly said that he admires does people who started from nothing and now have everything they ever wanted because of there hard work.

    Many artist who are now super stars came from families with low income, like Don Omar, Snoop Dog, Missy Eliot, Eminem, Wisin y Yandel, Little Kim, 50 cent, and much more. This proves that anybody has the power to reach there goals no matter what.


    2006-11-07 10:09:07 補充:

    抱歉..謝謝提醒..在底下美國職棒也有一樣的稱法(因我不懂美國職棒 )誰在美國bronx區主投贏球... your daddy! Pedro in the Bronx(因為Martinez Pedro曾在上一次紅襪對洋基冠軍站5戰三勝制中時,在2連敗情況下.帶領紅襪大逆轉3連勝氣走洋基得到冠軍 ).所以自此以後.只要與洋基比賽時..紅襪球迷也會大喊Who's your daddy!或向洋基隊喊call your daddy!有好幾層意義..超2千補意見

    2006-11-07 10:09:50 補充:



    3.等著瞧!今天是你們洋基剋星Martinez Pedro主投喔.




    2006-11-07 10:10:49 補充:

    所以當Mattiz Pedro又率領紅襪隊到位於bronx區的洋基主球場時...紅襪隊的球迷就大聲向洋基喊"Who's your daddy!"1.代表了Mattiz Pedro又來了. 2.我們來贏球啦.

    然後洋基的球迷會反叫"call your daddy"代表了1.今晚我們會贏球場!反過來叫我們daddy老爹吧! 2.今晚要痛宰你們讓你們知道誰是老爸.

    2006-11-07 10:11:54 補充:

    Quite possibly the least popular opposing player to ever visit Yankee Stadium, Pedro Martinez will likely be the subject of countless “Who’s your daddy?” chants when he takes the mound for the New York Mets in the opener of the Subway Series against the New York Yankees.

    2006-11-07 10:12:27 補充:

    Martinez was the centerpiece of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry after arriving in Boston in 1998, sparking bench-clearing brawls, throwing former Yankee coach Don Zimmer down in an infamous postseason skirmish and delivering a steady dose of controversial quotes.

    2006-11-07 10:13:59 補充:

    He helped the Red Sox into three playoff series against the Yankees, losing the first two before Boston finally ended the dreaded “Curse of the Bambino” with an unprecedented comeback from an 0-3 deficit in last year’s AL championship series.



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