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    I fear a dog very much, because of at I still at read aloud kindergarten of time, a ratio at that time of I returned big and double and black german shepherd to bite, ever since that time that hereafter to now I all always very afraid dog, is a particularly black large dog.So to me the dog makes me feel frightened animal very much.

    For cat my going to is to like very much, because I feel the cat is different from dog BE, the dog sees a person charge forward, whether you is his host or not, calculate and do not know and can also shake tail to act in pettishly charming manner.And I usually dog such behavior to frighten to, although the friends all say they are harmless, I still will feel frightened.

    As for cat to person, I feel the relation that seem friend and friend, it may have already heard you Be calling it, may also know you wants it to do what, but it not necessarily know"want to do", the cat is the thing that the oneself wants to do.However pour also have no so cold, seem friend for us similar, which personal to I good, I certainly jointly with wait for repay, which personal ain't good to me, that I certainly don't need to put good complexion.Keep a cat the most important is keep company with, be a good friend with him, build up its trust to you, appreciate each character with special cat oneself, you will be in love with them, being like me.

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    I fear the dog very much, because in me also reads preschool's time, by the is been black sexual harasser dog which doubled compared to then my also tenth of a jin to bite, later I all continuously extremely fears the dog since that to the present, in particular black large-scale dog. Therefore to me said the dog is an animal which makes me feel the fear very much. I to am like very much regarding the kitty, because I thought cat, the dog which is different with the dog saw the person throws oneself, no matter you are his master, calculated did not know also may swing the tail to act like a spoiled brat. But I often for am frightened by the dog such behavior, although the friends all said they are harmless, but I or will feel the fear. As for the kitty to the person, I thought the picture is the friend and friend's relations, it possibly has hears to call it to you, also possibly knew you want it to make any, but it not necessarily meets "to want to make", the kitty handles the matter which oneself wants to

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