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關於韓國節日的Chu Suk知識

我要關於Chu Suk的知識要英文20點!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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  • Lucy
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    1 0 年前

    Chuseok(拼音不同,但是相同節日).-->本人從English Land 6(Longman)中結錄出來.Korea has a festival that celebrates a good harvest,too. It's called Chuseok, and it's celebrated in September or October. The festival is over 2,000 years old. A lot of families teavel by car, train or bus from the city to their homes in the country. Families say thank you to their ancestors. They eat traditional rice cakes called songpyeon, which are made of rice, beans and chestnuts. Then, they visit the graves of their ancestors and give them rice and fruit. In the evening, children wear traditional Korean clothes called hanbok, and they play games and sing songs.可參考以下網站

    參考資料: Longman English Land 6+internet