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A number of Web sites offer instructions on how to create your own liquid motion lamp.

You won't find any plans with the exact same material found in a commercial lamp, because this information is still top secret. Motion lamp recipes are so

popular because coming up with exactly the right compound combination is an exciting chemistry puzzle. It's a real trick finding two compounds that will form

the free-floating blobs you see in commercial lamps.

One of the simpler plans out there uses mineral oil as the blobs and a combination of 70-percent and 90-percent rubbing alcohol as the surrounding liquid. The

trick with these ingredients is to balance the two different grades of rubbing alcohol until you get a good balance between the alcohol's density and the density

of the oil.

You can color the blobs by adding insoluble dye, such as the sort used in permanent markers. For best results, you should find a fairly tall glass container for

the globe. For a safe and effective lamp, don't use anything hotter than a 40-watt bulb to heat the globe. To learn how to make this basic motion lamp, check out

this page.




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    你將不用在一盞商業的燈裡找到的精確的相同的材料找到任何計畫,因為這訊息仍然是絕密。 運動燈烹飪法如此受歡迎,因為正好得到這種正確的化合物結合是一個令人激動的化學謎。 將形成你在商業的燈裡看見的免費流動的一滴,這是找到兩種化合物的一個真正的計謀。

    更簡單的計畫之一到那邊使用礦物質油作為一滴和作為環境液體的百分之70 和百分之90的消毒酒精的結合。

    有這些成分的計謀是平衡消毒酒精的兩不同的等級, 直到你得到在酒精的密度和油的密度之間的好平衡。

    你能透過增加難以解決的染料著色一滴,例如在永久的記分員裡使用的種。 為了最好的結果,你應該為眼球找一只相當高的玻璃貨櫃。 對一盞安全和有效的燈來說,不要使用比一只40 瓦特的燈泡熱的任何事情加熱地球。 學習怎樣做這盞基本的運動燈,檢查這頁。

    電子辭典查的 再加上拼拼湊湊的可以嗎?

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