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Business Week 文章翻譯 - 5


The China benchmark will increase the pressure on Toyota's traditional suppliers. But so will the company's efforts to court more non-Japanese suppliers to find the best price. And parts makers like Bosch and Delphi, which turn out everything from air bags to transmissions, are now more willing to meet demanding specifications. Bosch, for example, supplies the complete brake system for the Toyota Avensis sedan and the diesel-injection system for the Toyota Yaris subcompact, both made in Europe. Toyota won't say how much of its parts purchasing comes from its keiretsu versus outsiders, but non-Japanese suppliers are eager to win a bigger share. No wonder: The auto maker expects its global sales to hit 8.5 million vehicles by next year, about 1 million more than in 2004. That will put it on par with General Motors Corp. the world's largest carmaker. "Toyota is an important customer for Bosch," says Bernd Bohr, chairman of the company's automotive group. "We maintain a close cooperative relationship with Toyota and in development projects."

Non-keiretsu suppliers see their best chance in markets where Toyota is expanding fastest, especially China, where the Japanese auto maker is eager to catch up with established rivals like GM and Volkswagen. "This is a great opportunity for outside suppliers to increase their business with us," says Watanabe. Those suppliers would love ultimately to win orders on a global basis -- including in Japan, where local suppliers account for all but a fraction of the auto giant's parts purchases.


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    中國基點將在豐田的傳統供應者上增加壓力。但是公司的努力也會追求更非的日本供應者發現最好的價格。 而且部份製造者像博施和把從安全氣囊到傳輸的每件事物關掉的希臘古都現在更樂意的符合要求多的規格。博施對於豐田 Avensis 私家轎車,舉例來說,供應完全的煞車制度而且為豐田 Yaris 子小型房車供應柴油-注射的制度,兩者在歐洲製造了。


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