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發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

中翻英一小段!! 誤用翻譯機~~


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    Is rage for a while who is the pearl tea with milk invents? The Tainan city academician teahouse and center the city spring the water hall is popular for this disputed. The academician person in charge spreads Zong Hsing to think spring Shui T'angchih he can observe and emulate to spring Shui T'ang, to damage and the reputation, asks to recompense a Yuan, but suffers the Tainan courtyard decision to lose a lawsuit.

    The domestic tea drinking element has "north the spring water, south the academician" the name, spring Shui T'ang and the academician teahouse respectively holds a side ear of a sacrifical bull; In recent years two companies' person in charge Liu Hanchieh, spread the ancestor to be popular, in order to who was the pearl tea with milk inventor is unyielding, opened reporter to be able many times to explain.

    參考資料: 我自己,我打ㄉ很辛苦ㄟ
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    兩個都翻的亂七八遭.(@&%^$% 真是....

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    The pearl milk tea of becoming vogue of the time is who invention?Han wood's tea shop in Tainan City and the medium city spring water hall start lawsuit for this.Han Lin, representative director, the Xing think the spring water hall's pointing him will go to the spring water hall to observe and learn, damaging reputation, asking for compensation 1 dollar, but is lost in lawsuit by ground in Tainan hospital verdict.The domestic tea drinks the boundary vegetable have"north spring water, south Han wood" it call, the spring water hall and the Han wood's tea shop are each to hold one square ear of an ox;Two representative director Liu Hans of companies lie in recent years, Xing, for the sake of who is the pearl milk tea to invent a person and argue not next, open news conference explanation for many times.

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