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    紅色的部份是 Weebo 機器人播放給女主角 Sara 聽的那段。Professor 是男主角。Weebo: Um, Professor, why the long face? I think you know why. Would it be a Sara issue? Wish I understood human beings.Professor: Wish I understood women.Weebo: Wish I understood emotions and passions. I wish I understood any of that. If I did, I wouldn`t have had to spend my entire life in a laboratory... trying to figure out how the world works. I would`ve been out in the world trying to figure out why it works.Professor Philip: I know I love her, Weebo. Every neuron in my limbic system is saturated with phenylethylamine. That triggers euphoria, elation, exhilaration. Truth is, Weebo, I`m not absent-minded because l`m selfish or crazy or... or inconsiderate. I`m absent-minded because l`m in love with Sara. Weebo: Oh, Professor.Professor: That doesn`t matter any more, `cause I don`t get any more chances with her.Weebo: That`s not true. There`s always another chance. I mean, you never know, right? Professor: Probably just as well that it`s over.Weebo: Why?Professor: She has to move on.Weebo: Oh.Professor: I`m not right for her. But you knew that, didn`t you, Weebo?Weebo: Huh?Professor: You never wanted me to marry her. Well, you were right. I wasn`t right for her. You`re the one for me, Weebo. Just the two of us. And flubber makes three. Good night, Weeb.Weebo: Good night.

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