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Vocabulary quiz

In groups of three, write answers to these questions. The winners are the group that answers the most questions correctly in four minutes.

1. What are the main parts of the CPU?


2. What is RAM?


3. What memory section is permanent and contains instructions needed by the CPU?


4. What information is lost when the computer is switched off?


5. What is the typical unit used to measure RAM memory and storage memory?


6. What is the meaning of the acronym SIMM?


7. What is a megahertz?


8. What is the ALU? What does it do?


9. What is the abbreviation for "binary digit"?


10. How can we store data and programs permanently?



然後10題的解答也要寫出中、英文,謝謝 ^_^

3 個解答

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    測驗單元三, 回答這些問題. 在四分鐘內答對最多題目的人為此單元的優勝者

    1. CPU (電腦中央處理器) 的主要成份是什麼 ?

    A: The CPU, or the Central Processing Unit, is the brain of the computer and the single most important chip in the computer. Modern processors contain millions of transistors. They are responsible for handling all instructions and calculation it receives from other hardware components in the computer and software programs running on the computer.

    A: 電腦中央處理器是電腦的大腦, 而且是最重要的晶片. 現代的處理器包含上百萬的電晶體, 它們負責處理所有來自電腦的硬體和軟體運作時發出的指令及運算.

    2. 什麼是 RAM (暫存記憶體)?

    A:Short for Random Access Memory, RAM, also known as main memory or system memory, is an area for temparate data storage when you are working on a computer.

    A: 暫存記憶體的英文全名是 Random Access Memory. 同時也被稱為主記憶體或系統記憶體. 當你在用電腦時, 它提供你儲存所有工作臨時需要資料的地方.

    3. 什麼記憶體是永久性的且含有中央處理器所需要的指令?

    A: ROM, known as Read Only Memory.

    A: 唯讀記憶體, 它的英文全名是 Read Only Memory.

    4. 當電腦關機時, 那些資訊會流失?

    A: Those imformation which is not saved will be lost.

    A: 那些沒有被儲存的資料都會流失.

    5. 用在暫存記憶體和儲存記憶體典型的度量單位是什麼?

    A: Byte was used before 1980. K-Byte was used in 1980's. Mega-Byte was used in 1990's. Now Giga-Byte is very popular.

    A: 在 1980 年以前用字母單位 (Byte). 1980 年代用千字母單位. 1990 年代用百萬字母單位. 現在, 十億字母單位已很普遍.

    6. 縮寫 SIMM 是什麼意思?

    A:Short for Single In-line Memory Module is a circuit board that holds six to nine memory chips per board and were commonly used with Intel Pentium or Pentium compatible motherboards.

    A: 單線擴充記憶體模組的英文全名是 Single In-line Memory Module. 它是英特爾奔騰主機板或其相容主機板上, 有 6 到 9 個記憶體晶片擴充槽.

    7. 什麼是百萬赫茲?

    A: Hertz is commonly used to measure a computer monitor's refresh rate and computer processors. Megahertz is equal to million hertz.

    A: 赫茲一般是用來度量電腦處理器的功率和電腦螢光幕的顯像率. 美加赫茲等於百萬赫茲.

    8. 什麼是 ALU? 它都做些什麼?

    A:Short for Arithmetic Logic Unit, ALU performs mathematical, logical and decision operations in a computer.

    A: ALU 是數學邏輯器, 英文全名為 Arithmetic Logic Unit. 它主要是處理數學運算, 邏輯判斷和電腦決策的工作.

    9. "binary digit" 二進位數的縮寫是什麼?

    A: Bit is short for Binary digit.

    A: Bit 是二進位數的縮寫.

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    字數超載, 第 10 請看意見欄

    2006-11-06 03:31:13 補充:

    10. 我們如何永久儲存資料和程式?

    A: Generally, we save our data and programs on a memory media such as a hard disk, a CD, a DVD or a flash drive.

    A: 通常我們會將資料和程式永久存在一種記憶裝置上, 如硬碟, 光盤, 視訊影碟, 或隨身碟.

    參考資料: 從事電腦相關行業 20 年
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