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從高中開始,學生才慢慢明暸讀書的重要性,而奮發向上讀至大學, 地理學既是自然科學,又是社會科學,因為它探究人類與環境,並且是自然與人文世界的橋樑。又因為地理學廣闊的領域,每個地理學者可能強調不同方向及研究領域,學生於大學所修習的課程中,大都著重於法令層面,對自然環境部份皆較不著重,學生認為如果要做好一個環境規劃者,必須對自然環境有更深層之了解,所以學生想就讀貴所,以提升學生對自然環境之了解,並以促使台灣都市、土地永續發展與永續成長。

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    Begin from the high school, students understand the importance of reading slowly, and strive to make progress and study in to the university, geography is the natural science, and social science, because it probes into the mankind and environment, and the natural and humane world bridge. Because the field wide in geography again, each geographical scholar may emphasize different directions and research field , students mostly focus on the decree aspect in course majored in and practised of the university, not all focusing on the natural environment part, students think if does to a environmental planner well, must have more deep understanding to the natural environment , so students want to study in expensivly, understand natural environment in order to improve students, and by impelling the city , land of Taiwan to continue development with grow up continuously forever forever.

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    Start from the senior high school, student just the slowly clear Liao study of importance, and resolve to succeed to read to the university, geography since is a natural science, is a social science again, because it investigate mankind and environment, and is the bridge of the nature and the humanities world.Again because of geography vast of realm, each geography scholar may emphasize a different direction and study realm, the student puts great emphasis on the ordinance level mostly in the curriculum in what university studies, all do not emphasize more to the natural environment part, the student thinks if the one who want to do to like an environment programming, have to is to the natural environment deeper of understanding, so the student wants to attend to be expensive with promote the student's understanding to the natural environment, and with urge the everlasting development and everlasting growth of Taiwanese city, land.

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    Starts from the high school, student Ming studies only then slowly importance, but upliftings reads to the university, the geography not only is the natural sciences, also is the social sciences, because it inquires into the humanity and the environment, and is the nature and the humanities world bridge.Also because of the geography broad domain, each geographer possibly emphasized the different direction and the research area, the student repairs the custom in the university in the curriculum, emphatically in the law stratification plane, to the natural environment part all not emphatically, the student thought mostly if must complete an environment plan, must have understanding in-depth to the natural environment, therefore the student wants to go study the expensive institute, promotes the student to understanding the natural environment, and urges the Taiwan metropolis, the land to continue forever to develop with continues forever to grow.