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因為老師叫我寫短篇英文作文..."如何做......" 7~15句....可以幫我翻下面的句子嗎....?麻煩囉^^...老師要求要用的句子有 Finally ..After that.. First...等等...




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    "Som Tum" (Papaya Salad) This particular dish is from the northeastern part of Thailand (E-san). Combined with barbecue chicken, and sticky rice, it makes a perfect meal!Ingredients:1 fresh green papaya5 Thai chilies (prik kee noo)6 garlic cloves, coarsely chopped2 medium sized tomatoes, sliced thinly1/2 cup green beans cut into one inch lengths2 teaspoons of fish sauce1 quart cup of tamarind juicePreparation:Peel the skin off of the papaya, then use a cheese grater to shred the papaya. The seeds are not used! After you have finished, sprinkle some salt onto the shredded papaya, and let stand for 30 minutesDirections:Now you will need a mortar and pestle. (You can use a regular mixing bowl, but you just don't get the right effect.) Combine all of the ingredients except for the tomato into the mortar bowl and mix thoroughly. Then add the tomato and briefly mix (do not pulverize the tomato into liquid- you want it to be kinda' "bruised")  


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