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子倫 發問時間: 食品與飲料烹飪與食譜 · 1 0 年前












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    <Already the seafood was the staple food Attends to food attenion health Fresh Food luster coordination and food household utensils matching>

    <Way one treats people is greatly disrespects with left hand>

    <Value flower Tea Diet art>

    <By rice The surface cake is the staple food Is joined to juice which the hyacinth bean boils With right hand three fingers food The juice mixes up Delivers in the entrance>

    <Does not eat the pork Dines when to the right hand grasps the front food>

    <The breakfast are many is the fresh fruit juice Roasts the bread Coffee Milk and so on>

    <The lunch is simple Usually is the sandwich Hamburg Hot dog sur-drink or fruit>

    <Massive utilization natural fruit and coconut tree thick liquid;Because the weather is extremely hot Also is partial to the acid to burn whets the appetite the vegetable>

    <Is fastidious the color Fragrant The taste is complete Attends to the way to be diversest>

    <The supper usually eats the beefsteak Pork chop Fried chicken and so on Outside cannon soup and sweets>


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