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    Dear Sir,

    Getting shockproof function

    Suspend in midair it is most people that refit first that plan , and repacking that suspend in midair change the outfit one hard shockproof one begin to set about all usually. The main function of the spring is to used for dispelling the vibrations of passing through the not smooth road surface , since is it can dispel spring that shake to have, as well as be getting shockproof what does it make? Getting shockproof it whether used for supporting the automobile body weight is it suppress spring suck after shaking rebounding shocking and absorption energy that road surface bludgonning into when to used for. If the bad car that lost of your opening shockproofly device , you can realize the spring that repercussions ripple through every hole hole , after rising and falling of car , and shockproof one used for and suppress such spring. Have shockproof one can't control rebounding of spring, the car will produce the serious spring while running into the rugged road surface , will cause the tire to stress land fertility and follow the mark forfeiture because of shock from head to foot of the spring too while passing curved. The most ideal state is that the utilizing shockproofly device keeps spring of the spring confined within once.

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