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以下是我的自傳 謝謝了(淚..)

嗨﹗賽門,女士們先生們,晚安﹗這是我的榮幸站在這裡向你作自我介紹。我的名字叫葉詠智,英文名字叫李奧。我的國籍是台灣省雲林縣,我來自莿桐。我現在是環球技術學院的學生。我就讀企業管理系,我是個兼職的學生。我在父親股份的公司工作當經理特助,公司主要生產建築用的預拌混凝土,但是我目前是停職狀況。因為除了晚上就讀夜校之外,我早上還有去上電腦補習班。我今年是24歲。 我家裡一共有7個人,我的父親,母親,3 個姐姐,妹妹和我。爸爸是砂石廠廠長、媽媽是家庭主婦、我的三位姊姊都已經結婚了、妹妹在斗六夾娃娃機店上班。我的嗜好是唱歌,聽音樂,玩電腦遊戲跟打籃球。「前方若是絕路,希望便在轉角!」這句是我喜歡的一句話,在此想分享給大家。我的個性比較內向害羞,所以從來都沒有交過女朋友,希望大家能幫助我早日交到女朋友。我的優點是熱心助人跟有責任感。我的未來志向是想成為一位管理公司的優秀領導者,在來追逐自己夢想,人因夢想而偉大。以上是我的自我介紹,謝謝。

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    Hey! Simon, ladies gentleman, good night! This is my honour to stand here introducing myself to you. I am Ye YongZhi, the English name is called Li. My nationality is cloud Lin County of Taiwan Province, I come from the general term for paulownia, phoenix tree and tung tree. I am a student of the global technological institute now. I study in the business administration department, I am a student of a part-time job. I work and work as in the company of father's share a manager specially helps, the ones that produced the building and used mainly in the company mixed the concrete in advance, but I suspend the state from the duty at present. Because besides studying in the night school in the evening, I still go to go to the continuation class of the computer in the morning. I am 24 years old this year. There are 7 people, my father altogether in my home, mother, 3 elder sisters, younger sister and I. My father grit factory factory director, mother get married already housewife, three elder sister of me, younger sister fight six person who inserts baby shop go to work. My hobby is to sing, listen to the music, play the computer game with playing basketball. If the dead end of ' the front, hope in the corner! ' this is a word that I like, want to share to everybody here. My individual character is introversiver and shier, so has never made the girlfriend, has hoped everybody can help me to send to the girlfriend as soon as possible. My advantage is enthusiastic in helping others with having sense of duty. My future ambition is to want to become an outstanding leader of management company, coming to chase oneself to dream of, people are great because of dreaming of. The above is my introducing myself, thanks.

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