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    I come from Lugang~This is fills the humanities breath the small town;

    In the family has four people ~ husband, I, with two daughters ~

    Husband's occupation is chef ~ therefore I frequently may enjoy good food ~

    I am professional housewife ~ am in at present happiest and leisurely and carefree member ~

    My interest am read ~ to access the net ~ to sing ~ to eat good food ~

    Therefore to me said ~ had the husband which may provide the good food as necessary; Does not stop takes to me the happy warm two daughters; Is I extremely satisfies with book collection rich studio ~ with joyful matter ~


    參考資料: 自己..翻譯機..
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    I am from 鹿港(英文不知道)and this is a small town where we have humanities. There are four members in my family, my hudsband, my two daughters, and I. My hudsband's job is a chef, therefore I always enjoy what he cooks which is delicious. And my job is a housewife, the luckiest and most leisure member of my family. My habbits are reading books, using internet, singing, and enjoying delicious food. Therefore, for me to have a hudsband who can really cook and my two daughters who constantly give me joys and warmth, and also a room where we have plenty of books. I am very glad to have them in my life.

    2006-11-13 17:01:29 補充:

    鹿港的英文 你自己加上去 大致上就可以了

    參考資料: me lah...
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    It is a small town full of humane breath that I come from this of mine in the harbour of deer;

    There is husband of four people's family in the family, I, I with two daughters

    The husband is cook's husband so I can often enjoy and use the table delicacies husband

    I full-time housewife I most happy and leisurely member I in the house at present

    Interest of me to read I surf the Net I sing I wipe out table delicacies I

    So the reason why there is husband offering table delicacies at any time for me;

    Bring me happiness to two warm daughters ceaselessly;

    Study sum enriched with the collected books

    It is that my very satisfied and happy thing is

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