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請英文翻譯達人幫忙翻譯這篇文章《急!拜託幫幫忙》    Although some riders make a riders make a ritual of the pre-ride stretch, it is not especially important. Stretching is more effective when the muscles are loose-which isthe situation after a ride, not before. So warm up on the bike with easy spinning, do the ride, and then stretch afterward when your muscles are warm and relaxed.     Stretch slowly and gradually. The mechanism of the stretch reflex is based on a little nerve ending in the tendons called a Goligi tendon organ, or Golgi body. It looks like a coiled snake. When the Golgi body is deformed rapidly, it sends a signal to the brain for the muscle to shorten and protect itself. That is why rapid, forceful,"ballistic" stretching doesn not work.     If you deform the Golgi boye rapidly , it will automatically tighten the muscle. Instead of effective stretching that produces elongation of the muscle, you’ll get the opposite result when your muscles contract. On the other hand, when the muscle is warm and fatigued, the Golgi body is much more relaxed. If you go slowly, you’ll get a better stretch.    For a sports-specific stretching program, consult a book on the subject. The classic in this field is Bob Anderson’s Stretching. Check out www.stretching.com for more information. If you have difficulty with tendinitis or want more flexibility so you can lower your stem for better aerodynamics, you may want a stretching program that is more individualized and customized just for you. Consult a physical therapist or athletic trainer.    For stretches that target specific injuries, see Chapter 19. 

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    在特別針對運動方面的伸展活動,參考這方面主題的書。在這個方面經典的莫過於是鮑伯安德森的"伸展"。參考www.stretchig.com這個網站會得到較多的資訊。如果你有腱炎方面的問題或是想要較有彈性 就像較好的空氣動力學的話你就可以降低你的船頭。或許你想要有較個人化或客製化的伸展的專案,那就去參考物理治療家或是運動員的教練


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