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[ 英文 ] 英文片語翻譯....請各位高手幫幫忙

Bend (someone`s) ear

Catah (someone) on the hop

Wild horses would not get/drag

Put a damper on (someone)

Cast a shadow on (someone)

Throw a spanner in the works

Meet (someone) halfway

Out of one`s depth

Come out of one`s shell

Spread one`s wings

Tied to (someone`s) apron-strings

Stand in (someone`s) way

Fly the coop

Do (someone) the world of good

Rub shoulders with (someone)

Like a fish out of water

Stand on one`s own two feet

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  • 1 0 年前

    你列出許多不是屬於片語的俗語(口語)1.Bend (someone`s) ear  (俚語)和...談個不停2.Catah (someone) on the hop  (口語)出其不意3.Wild horses would not get/drag 心意堅定4.Put a damper on (someone)  潑冷水,.使掃興5.Cast a shadow on (someone)  蒙上一層陰影6.Throw a spanner in the works  (口語)從中搗亂,破壞計劃7.Meet (someone) halfway  與  ..妥協8.Out of one`s depth   不能理解,力所不及9.Come out of one`s shell  (口語)不再羞怯,拋開自我束縛l10.Spread (stretch) one`s wings  盡情發揮能力,伸展羽翼11.Tied to (someone`s) apron-strings  受(母親或妻子)所擺佈[支配]12.Stand in (someone`s) way  阻礙,擋路13.Fly the coop (俚語)逃獄.越獄14.Do (someone) the (a) world of good  對...非常有用15.Rub shoulders with (someone)  結交(名流等)16.Like a fish out of water  感到不適應,如魚離水17.Stand on one`s (own two) feet  獨立自主希望滿意回答 

    參考資料: 12國語言天才
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