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3.on your own



6.instead of charge possible to

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    1. therapy - a treatment of physical, mental, or social disorders or disease

    2. involve - to include or contain as a necessary part

    3. on your own - without help; by yourself

    4. recognize - to preceive to be the same as or belong to the same class as something previously seen or known; know again

    5. helpless-unable to manage independently; without help

    6. instead of - in place of or as an alternative

    7. in charge - in command

    8. be possible to - capable of being achieved

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    Therapy: Noun - 1. Treatment of illness or disability. 2. Psychotherapy. 3. Healing power or quality: the therapy of fresh air and sun.

    Involve (verb)- 1. To contain as a part; include. 2. To have as a necessary feature or consequence; entail 4. To engage as a participant. 5.To make complex or intricate; complicate. 6. To wrap; envelop: a castle that was involved in mist.

    Recognize: 1. To know to be something that has been perceived before: recognize a

    face. 2. To know or identify from past experience or knowledge: recognize hostility. 3. To perceive or show acceptance of the validity or reality of: recognizes the concerns of the tenants. 4. To permit to address a meeting: The club's president recognized the new member. 5. To accept officially the national status of as a new government. 6. To show awareness of; approve of or appreciate: recognize services rendered.

    Helpless: (adjective) – 1. Unable to help oneself; powerless or incompetent.

    2. Lacking support or protection: They were left helpless in the


    3. Impossible to control; involuntary: helpless laughter.

    instead of (preposition介系詞)- In place of; rather than: ordered chicken instead of fish.

    in charge (idiom)- 1. in command; having supervisory power.

    2. British(英式用法). under arrest.

    be possible to-adjective. 1. Capable of happening, existing, or being true without contradicting proven facts, laws, or circumstances. 2. Capable of occurring or being done without offense to character, nature, or custom. 3. Of uncertain likelihood.

    4. Capable of favorable development; potential: a possible site for the new capital.

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    1. any treatment designed to relieve or cure an illness or a disability

    2.make (sth) necessary as a condition or result; include or affect (sb/sth) in its operation

    3.without help or supervision; alone able to identify (sb/sth that one has seen, heard, etc before); know sb/sth again

    5.unable to act without help; needing the help of others an alternative or replacement to (sb/sth) a position of control or command (over sb/sth)

    8.that can be able to be done

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    1.therapy 治療 療法

    2.involve 包含 連累

    3.on your own 你自己

    4.recognize 承認 確認

    5.helpless 無助的

    6.instead of 作為替代 charge 負責 possible to 有可能