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我嘗試著自己做英文翻譯 但覺得沒信心 請幫忙指正好嗎? 謝謝!!


And, “No discount no buying, no gift no buying” must be reminded constantly, you will get the ideal goods at the best price.

what to buy:

1.【HISAMITSU】這個品牌的面膜一定要買(在台灣是吳佩慈代 言的)尤其一定要買超大包裝.保證買回來後看到台灣的標價一定會暗自竊喜。

吳佩慈is representing the “Hisamitsu” musk in Taiwan, it is a “must-buy” product, especially the extra large packing, when you see the market price in Taiwan after you buy it, It is guaranteed that you will be very pleased with yourself.

2.平常專櫃化妝品都是不打折的但在【MATSUKIYO】這間藥妝店還是可以搶到便宜.例如:SOFINA. KOSE都有八折以上的折扣。不過這些化妝品前還是要貨比三家.因為有時候每間分店都會出現不同的折扣。

The cosmetic at the booth is not usually discounted, however, you can still get a good bargain at the “Matsukiyo”. For example, you will find a over 20% discount for Sofina and Kose. But you need to shop around as sometimes there is different discount in each shop.


In the Drugs and Cosmetic stores, of course the “must-buy” includes “medicine”. For example: eye drops, nutrition supplements, medicine for colds and products for lose weight program, etc. When you are buying these medical products, it is safer to buy the famous or hottest product as it is safer.


You can also buy the special and famous product.


A. “Angel’s Skin Tonic”: It is known as a magic tonic without artificial fragrance and color, is a No.1 Sales, it is about NT$189 each.


B. “31 Days Toothpaste”: there are 31 flavors in total, including pancake and plum flavor


C. “PC’s friend”: It tastes like general fruit lolly but is claimed to help releasing the weary feeling

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    而【不折扣不買.不送東西不買】一定要謹記在心.這樣一定會買到便宜又大碗的理想商品。And "No discounts no buy, no gifts no buy” must be always kept in mind. Stick to it and you will get the "deal of the century" merchandises which you would be so happy to spend your money on.what to buy:1.【HISAMITSU】這個品牌的面膜一定要買(在台灣是吳佩慈代 言的)尤其一定要買超大包裝.保證買回來後看到台灣的標價一定會暗自竊喜。The cosmetic facial mask by【HISAMITSU】is a "must-buy”.(This product is being endorsed by 吳佩慈 in Taiwan). What's more, you will need to buy it in the largest possible bulky packs. You are guaranteed to giggle when you see the pricing after you've returned to Taiwan with bulky packs of this. 2.平常專櫃化妝品都是不打折的但在【MATSUKIYO】這間藥妝店還是可以搶到便宜.例如:SOFINA. KOSE都有八折以上的折扣。不過這些化妝品前還是要貨比三家.因為有時候每間分店都會出現不同的折扣。Usually, those brand name cosmetics are never discounted. However, you can still get good bargains of them at 【MATSUKIYO】. For example, you will find a 20%+ discount for Sofina and Kose. But you need to shop around among these stores first before you make purchases of those discounted cosmetics as sometimes there are different bargains for each store.3.藥妝店內必買的東西當然還包括【藥】。例如:眼藥水.營眼補給品.感冒藥.減肥口服商品。買這些藥品盡量選擇名聲響亮或是店內的暢銷商品比較有保障。In the drug store, of course the “must-buys” must include “drugs”. For example: eye drops, nutrition supplements, cold tablets and weight control products,... etc.. When you are buying these pharmaceutical products, it is advisable to take the well-known or well-saled products as they are conceivably better warranted. 4.特殊商品和明星商品也可以買.例如: You can also buy some special and stellar products, such as,A.【天使的美肌水】:號稱無添加香料及色素的神奇化妝水.是銷售第一的暢銷品。一瓶約台幣189元。A. “Angel's Skin Tonic”: Claimed to be a magic tonic without artificial fragrances and colors, it's one of the top-sale products, about NT$189 per bottle.B.【31天牙膏】:共有31種口味的攜帶型牙膏.其中還有煎餅.梅子乾口味。B. “31 Days Toothpaste”: A travel size toothpaste that comes in 31 flavors in total, including "senbei" and "dried plum" flavorsC.【電腦之友】:口感跟一般水果糖一樣.但它標榜可以減低眼睛的疲勞感。C. “PC’s friend”: Tastes like ordinary fruit candies, but is claimed to be able to help alleviate the weary feeling of eyes.

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