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Outside as a result of the home economics factor, used in the semester attends class the time to participate in the school labor to read and place and so on McDonald's, dining room, culture and education organization works, also once has held the post of the family education work.Disciplines positively from in the work defeat and the attack, to the manner, lets me grow in the middle of the work domain many, also therefore urges me unceasingly to study; Soon is entering duty field present, I believed regardless of is that one kind of work, is most important or own itself, also therefore I already was fill with the anticipation to prepare to meet each kind of challenge.

When Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd work lets I more further understanding life insurance consultant not only have to have the comprehensive safe commodity knowledge, also must browse the financial knowledge and must raise the financial specialized ability, becomes omni-directionally manages finances plans the teacher; In in the participation life insurance consultant's process, how has to achieve lets the customer affirm your specialty, establishes the trust; Sincerely provides, the perfect service, the customer is willing to assist to introduce that, creates the more and more sources of tourists, is works the biggest challenge.Therefore unceasingly trains the oneself specialized ability, I also truly obtain many.


I display manager during the work also to understand own insufficiency, also penetrate regarding the insufficient disappointment studies enriches oneself, hoped in the next work, will be able to have the help.

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    我只能說 真的花了我不少時間翻譯 因為 感覺比較沒有一個段落點

    有很多你中文的部分 我把他簡化了 感覺會比較順


    但是 我翻到後來 真的有點翻不下去 因為 一句話太長 沒有段落點

    就....... ㄟ.... 你參考吧....

    Due to money matters of my family, I have been taking some part time jobs in restaurants, education organizations and McDonalds during my education.

    I have been learning from the failure and frustration and it leads me to aggressive and positive attitude.

    In the meantime, I am looking forward to work and take any kind of challenge in any field as I believe I will do well.

    When I worked for Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd, I understand that you need to know more than the product knowledge as an insurance consultant. For example, you have to spend some time to look for information about finance and gain more professional ability on finance in order to become an excellent financial planner.

    The biggest challenge during my work in Cathay is to build the trust between the customer and me and made them to have confidence in me. It is also difficult for customers to refer you as an insurance consultant to their friends or relatives. Therefore, I am always doing my best to improve myself and I obtain a lot indeed.

    I have made a great use of what I am good with and I have also found out what my shortcoming is. For the shortcoming, I tried to improve myself from studying and hope it will help in the future.

    I hope I could work for something which is related to my major and that is why I would like to look for a new job. I am happy to take challenges and I am also looking forward to take the opportunity to work in your company.

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    恩, 沒錯, 看起來是一偏好文章,可是,文法用詞非常不當,真不知如何幫你做修改, 如果是翻譯機,可原諒。。。中文的寫的很棒, 但是,翻成英文ㄉ話, 是沒人看的的

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    除了單字 其他文法 字ㄉ順序 一踏糊塗

    這樣說 真ㄉ很抱歉 不過 是肺腑之言


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