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The Study of the Transformation Strategy to the Branding Integrated Marketing In the Hospitality IndustryABSTRACTㄧ、The coming age of Service Industry which based on Customer-Oriented, Hospitality Industry in the 2lst century is now also facing the shocking crash of Enterprises' Competition and Transformation. It is the most concerned issue to the Hospitality Industry for creating Competence and Profitability which based on Core Value of Customer Oriented. The Branding Identity of the Hospitality Industry is the most key and critical to decide whether survive or die, to be based on this point, this paper is to concentrate on studying how to go d1roud1the Integrated Marketing and matching the Enterprises' Transformation Strategy, to manage the Hospitality Branding as well as up-lift the Perpetual Developing Competence.二、Developing the Marketing Mix Concept firstly to Product/  Service, Price, Communication, Distribution Channel. Secondly to develop the Public Relations, Advertising, Media, Branding, Communication; Repositioning by Strategic Planning, Organization Positioning, Adjustment, the Enterprises' Consistent-Improving Strategy to the on-site Rationalization to Personnel Materials, Machines, Operation Method, etc. To emphasize on:1.Marketing Customers -Suppliers, Customers, Government, Competitors, Customers; Management.2.Organizdon Resource -Culture, Structure, Behaviors, Reengineering,   Learning.3.Information  Tech1ology-Infrastructure, Applied  Development,  R&D Competence.4.Management Process-Value Chain, S.o.P.5.e-Application, Innovative Business Model, etc. From the above mentioned, to create the new value of the Hospitality Service Industry in the 2lst century.    


三、This paper is to offer the constructive strategy of the Branding Integrated Marketing to the diversified Hospitality Industry, it also offers some guiding references to Government Authority for the related Law and Regulations.

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There are specific Culture Background to Taiwan's Hospitality& Traveling.

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Through this paper's study, the Configuration Competence, Unique Competence, Area Environment, the new Vision After Transformation, we'll pay a high expectation for the up-coming Business Opportunities, those arise from the Hospitality Service Industry.


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    二、首先要發展行銷組合觀念: 產品/服務、價格、溝通與配送通道。第二要發展公共關係、廣告、媒體、品牌、溝通;藉由策略規畫再重新定位,組織定位,調整,企業持續對網路上的員工資料、機器、操作方式等等合理改善。強調1.行銷顧客、供應商、政府、競爭者;管理2.組織資源:文化、架構、行為、企業重組;學習3.資訊科技: 基礎建設,應用發展,研發能力;4.管理流程: 價值鏈、創新商業模式等等。用以上所述去創造21世紀餐旅產業的新價值。



    句型結構很亂,有些句子翻起來不大順,如最後一句= =

    S.o.P.5.e-Application 這個我查不到啦 >_<

    參考資料: ~攪盡腦汁的自己~
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