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    According to National Geography Aug. 2005, the solar energy cannot provide effectively enough power. In fact, it provides less than 1% of global usage of power currently.

    Besides, about the hydraulic energy you proposed. We won't be having enough hydrualic power because Taiwanese rivers are short and seperated, plus, we have dry season every year from May to September.

    As for wind power, we have telephone-interviewed Chief Huang of the 3rd Nuclear power plant about this. He pointed out during the interview that there are 3 wind power gernerators established under the Green Power Project launched by our government in Hengchun. However, they are so ineffective and high-cost that the outcome doesn't show economic benefits and that they couldn't satisfy our needs on power.

    Last, thermal power causes so much air and water pollution that leads to Global Warming Effect.

    As a conclusion, nuclear power is by far globally recognized as a mean of power generator.

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    According to number in August in 2005 national geography magazine, the solar energy can't provide effectively and enough electric power, and the solar energy can provide currently of the energy return 1% of the shortage world.

    Aim at the hydraulic power that another square lift, Taiwanese river short and small and not concentrated, and every year five go to September for dry spell, will not have enough hydraulic power.

    As for wind power, our telephone interview checks three factory yellow lesson long, he points out, three wind power machines in Hengchun for check three factories all, is established by governmental green energy project, but equip up to now, generate electricity result very low, economic costs again lead high, basically not agree with to match an economic benefit, can't also be provided for people's livelihood to use electricity.

    The thermal power then brings to pollute at most of generate electricity it a, don't only pollute air, also cause water pollution, cause the ozone break more, cause a green house effect.

    The nuclear energy is currently one of generally accepted most stable and the most clean energies is in the world.

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