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放輕鬆 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

我嘗試著自己中翻英 但是沒信心 可以幫我訂正嗎?

各位大大好~ 我嘗試著自己中翻英下列 但是沒信心 請高手指點好嗎?

★接下來帶大家體會東京【STREET FASHION】.在渋古可以看見正在流行的古著風。【古著Vintage】的原意是指具有年份的東西.但現在只要是帶有陳舊服裝風格就算是古著甚至連破壞加工的衣服也算是古著。

Next, I will take you to experience the Tokyo “Street Fashion”. You will see the latest “Vintage Fashion” at 涉谷. The original meaning of “Vintage” is something used for particular years. Nevertheless, anything with “old fashion” style is “Vintage”, even it is process deliberately to looked damaged is so called “Vintage” nowadays.

渋谷的【RAG TAG】一定可以讓您找到很多令您滿意的商品。

You will definitely find satisfactory products in “Rag Tag” at 涉谷


How to find ideal products at a dazzling array of beautiful exhibits in the second hand shop? You can save time by reading the “brand name” list hung on the shop door before entering the shop.

2.第一次到【RAG TAG】的人記得一定要拿集點卡.每次購買都可以累積點數.還可以抵現金實在很划算。而填寫資料時可以編造假人名和假電話號碼.對我們外國人來說會比較方便。

You must remember to get a points collecting card if you are the first time shopper of the “Rag Tag”, it is very beneficial to accumulate your points each time you purchase, the points can be used to deduct the cash. It is more convenient for foreigner like us to make up a name and a phone number when filling up the customer information to shop here.


The vintage second hand shop has broken away from the shabby looks, and the brand name and trend brand can be often spotted, such as: “三宅一生”, GUCCI】.【PRADA】.【APE】.【GAP】 and 【LV】, etc. You can also find some good stuff that was out of stock. Some leatherwear like LV product looks very charming, too. It is really a “good-buy”.


謝謝小羊的好意~ 但是我想我應該翻的比機器好點ㄟ~~

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    ★接下來帶大家體會東京【STREET FASHION】.在渋古可以看見正在流行的古著風。【古著Vintage】的原意是指具有年份的東西.但現在只要是帶有陳舊服裝風格就算是古著甚至連破壞加工的衣服也算是古著。Next, I will take you to experience the so called“Street Fashion”of Tokyo. You will see the latest “Vintage Trend” in Shibuya. The original meaning of “Vintage” is something elegant and aged. Nevertheless, nowadays any apparel with a touch of“old fashion” style is considered“Vintage”, even those garments that have been deliberately processed to look worn or damaged are also called “Vintage”. 渋谷的【RAG TAG】一定可以讓您找到很多令您滿意的商品。You will definitely find merchandises that can meet your satisfaction at“Rag Tag” in Shibuya.1.怎麼在琳瑯滿目的二手店中找到自己理想的商品呢?可以看店門口的名牌一覽表.再入內挖寶會比較省時間。How to find your ideal stuff among dazzling arrays of beautiful exhibits in a second hand shop? You can save time by browsing the “brand name” list displayed at the door before entering the shop. 2.第一次到【RAG TAG】的人記得一定要拿集點卡.每次購買都可以累積點數.還可以抵現金實在很划算。而填寫資料時可以編造假人名和假電話號碼.對我們外國人來說會比較方便。Remember to get a point cumulating card when you first shop at the “Rag Tag”, you get points on every purchase and the points will be recorded on the card. Points can be used as cash for payments when they are cumulated to certain levels. So it's a good deal and thus a "must-take". Go ahead and fill out the application form for the card with fake names and phone numbers, which is convenient for us since we are foreigners.日本的古著二手店擺脫了破舊感.且名牌和潮流品牌也經常出現.例如:【三宅一生】.【GUCCI】.【PRADA】.【APE】.【GAP】.【LV】等。且還能找一些絕版的好貨。且像LV皮件等商品看起來就舊的也很有魅力.實在很值得去購買。The "Vintage" second hand shops in Japan have since shaken off the shabby & ragged looks, Nonetheless, the brand names and trendy designers can often be spotted, such as: :【Yissei Miyake】.【GUCCI】.【PRADA】.【APE】.【GAP】 and 【LV】, etc. You can also find some good stuff that's been long out of production. Some leatherwares, like LV, etc., would look still glamorous even when they are aged. These are definitely worth your buying.

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    Meets down belt everybody to realize Tokyo[STREET FASHION]..In 渋 ancient may see the popular ancient wind. [Ancient Vintage]The original intention is refers has the year thing.But present so long as has the obsolete clothing style is the ancient even company is destroying the processing clothes also is ancient -----這是星星ㄉ

    1 How found the oneself ideal commodity in the dazzling two shops?May look at the shop entrance the name brand data sheet.In the re-entry digs valuably can compare saves the time.

    2 First time[RAG TAG]The human remembered certainly must take the collection spot card.Each time purchases all may accumulate the points.Also may arrive at the cash really very much to take into account. When fills in the material may compile the stuffed dummy famous and the false telephone number.Can quite be convenient to our foreigner.

    3 Japan's ancient two shops were getting rid of the worn-out feeling.Also the name brand and the tidal current brand also frequently appear.For example: [Three dwelling life].[GUCCI].【PRADA】.【APE】.【GAP】.【LV】And so on. Also can look for some 絕 versions the high-quality goods. Also looks like commodities and so on LV leather equipment to look like old on also very much has the charm.Very much is really worth purchasing.


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