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    下過雨的夏天傍晚 我都會期待

    Has rained evening I all to be able to anticipate in the summer

    唱歌的蟬 嘿 把星星都吵醒月光曬了很涼快

    Sings the cicada hey all awakened by noise the star the moonlight to expose to the sun very cool

    就是這樣回憶起來 第一次告白(初次告白)

    Is recollects the first public statement like this (primary public statement)

    尷尬的我 看 愛裝得很哲學的你其實很可愛

    Awkward I looked likes installing philosophy you actually very to

    be very much lovable

    *你說活在明天活在期待 不如活得今天很自在

    You said will live lives in tomorrow in the anticipation was inferior lives today very much to be comfortable

     我說我懂了會不會太快 未來第一天要展開

    I said I will understand have been able the too quick future first day to have to launch

    #第一天 我存在 第一次呼吸暢快

    First day I have the first breath to be carefree

     站在地上的腳踝 因為你而有真實感

    Stands has the third dimension in the ground ankle area because of you

     第一天 我存在 第一次能飛起來

    First day I have the first time to be able to fly

     愛是騰空的魔幻 第一天的純真色彩它總是永遠那麼燦爛

    The love is the evil spirit imaginary first day pure color which soars it forever so is always bright

    你很搞笑你很奇怪 你頭髮很亂

    The love is the evil spirit imaginary first day pure color which soars it forever so is always bright

    有的時候 你 又突然為我的事情變得很勇敢

    Sometimes you become suddenly for mine matter very much brave

    這麼說來很不單純 你陪我看海

    Such mentions is not very pure you to accompany me to look at the sea

    海那麼藍 我 又好像不應該把你想得有點壞

    The sea so blue I probably not to be supposed to want to result in you a little badly

    壞的是我發現不知不覺 不見到你不是很習慣

    Bad is I discovered unconscious did not see you are not are familiar with very much

    你的眼神裡好像也期待 期待不一樣的未來

    In your look probably also anticipation dissimilar future

    Repeat #

    藍色的海(阿信:藍色的海) 海上的雲飛:(海上的雲)

    Blue color sea (Arab League letter:The blue color sea) the marine cloud (flies:Marine cloud)

    雲的那端(阿信:雲的那端) 不轉彎(飛:不轉彎) 到未來(阿信:到未來)

    Cloud that end (Arab League letter:Cloud that end) does not make a turn (flies:Will not make a turn) to the future (the Arab League letter:To future)

    Repeat *,#

    永遠那麼燦爛 永遠那麼燦爛

    Forever so is bright forever so is bright

    First Day... Today Everyday First Day...

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