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    When Lin YiZe studies in the military school before thinking of, are forfeited because not like learning the elder sister saluting; After graduating, get to the army as the leader, the young soldier is forfeited because have not saluted like he too.

    It is kind after helping to enter, the way in which he begins to learn to treat people and conduct oneself in society slowly. He learn modest, repent, have in arms very willing, pious heart serve very.

    While seeing someone comes in, he will give regards to people, what he did is liked very much. To him, this is a kind of self-education too.

    Because of the relation of the post in the past, the country could mix the car and driver to give to him, someone will help him to open the door, he thinks this is right; The soldier salutes to him, he thinks too it is right.

    He brings this kind of psychology into the family, madam cooks to him and eats, he thinks too this is right; And madam thinks it is right that he makes money and supports the family.

    This kind of psychology, has been storing in their life all the time. Until it is so near that help kindly, he learns to feel grateful to realize deeply too, should review oneself.

    There is it, have a patient reach the hospital is it check to make, find that has got the breast cancer oneself, her daughter is the teacher that they taught the joint conference, she hopes to make her mother cure the disease in the warm environment,

    Then want to send mother to the kind institute of large forest, but some family object to it, it is very great to cause her psychological pressure. There is it, that pair of mother and daughter come to kind institute, Mr. Lin YiZe

    Helping them to open the door, worker's service for them and guide of other wills satisfy them very much. So attitude of family is it well, is it let that person get mum of breast cancer receive treatment here to rest assured very much to become.

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