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Kodak Z710


need someone to compare this camara to others.

and must tell me good&bad about this one.

I might want to get this one after 24 hr, so please answer me faster.

the best answer will receive 20 points, thank you.


um, my english is just ok. not pretty well.

i've been here for 3 years.

so my english should have some improve right?!

You will be ok [smile]

I didn't even know how to answer "how are you" while I juse came.

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To Generalist

sure, I will wait for a while.

but I might get the camera tonight..

um, no matter what I still need the comparison.

if you could answer my question in time I will give you points. still have one day left.

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    I'll answer your question, please give me 2 days to handle my work.

    2006-11-14 17:43:41 補充:

    Kodak Z710 is a High Zoom Camera ,I will show you the difference between other similar cameras, include of SONY H5、Canon S3 is and Panasonic FZ7:-----------------Z710--------H5--------S3 is-------FZ7----------------Pixels:           7.1M        7.1M       6.0M       6.0MISO:            64-400     80-1000   80-800   80-400               (800 at 2M )          (800-1600at lower resolution)Focal Length:38-380     36-432    36-432    36-432       (mm eq.)Max. Aperture:F2.8/3.7  F2.8/ 3.7   F2.7/3.5  F2.8/3.3Shutter speed:8-1/1000 30-1/1000 15-1/3200 60-1/2000Countinuous Drive:1.7fps  1.1fps   1.5fps   1.5fpsMovie (VGAmode):10.5fps  30fps   30fps    30fpsLCD size:             2"           3"        2”        2.5”LCD pixels: 201000      230000  115000  114000Power:       AAx2            AAx2    AAx4   Li-ionWeight:     360g              490g    510g    340gVolume:     558cc          805cc   669.9cc   642.7 cc     smallest    High ISO & largest LCD  Fatest shutter speed & largeest aperture   Lightest & Longest shutter speed-----------------------My commentary-------------------Kodak Z710 is the cheapest one in this kind of camera.It provide basic manual function and high zoom lens.And the menu and operation menu is the simplest,too. If you want to experience the power about high zoom camera.Panasonic FZ7 provide 3:2 & 16:9 ratio to photo and record movie. It will be useful for wide screen user.The wider shutter speed range can apply more difficult situation.But it is pity that the noise is more than others.Canon S3is have the best image qualty in this kind of camera, Althogh its specification is not special.but excellent image almost the key to cognize a camara is good or bad.But it's the most expensive one.Sony H5 have more function in multy-media, colorful and sharpness image also let many people choose it.(But some people think the images too artificial) 

    2006-11-14 17:50:22 補充:

    Z715 is good choice to new hand. But if you want to get better image qualty, I suggest Canon S3is first, and SONY H5 is the next.

    參考資料: http://www.dpreview.com/
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