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    In my life the most important person is my parents as well as brothers

    the sisters, they have not had my existence,Parents since childhood time slowly raises us to the present, pays

    painstaking care already distant ultra our imagination, since

    childhood time baby stage to present youth time,Spends not only money as well as time, but is all loves as well as

    containing. Affects us most to be big also is the parents,A word manner all studies in ours eye, therefore parents' in our mind

    status forever is first.

    The life the most important person also contains brothers the sisters,

    their since childhood time accompanies us to the present,Mutually studies mutually encourages, to meet also is the parents as

    well as brothers which the setback first comforts the sisters,Encounters the difficulty most to be reliable also is own family

    member, the laughter, anger, sorrow, and happiness passes together,

    until now the adult also was so.