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還有我不確定so that 可以直接放句首嗎??




Last monday,I argued with my friend.

So that I did not get good grades in middle exam.

I felt depressed and went for climbing instead of staying at home.

I felt calm and forget all the unhappy things.

When I went to school one day after, I talked to my friend and explained what I thought about.

I thought that going outside maybe a good way to feel comfortable.

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    I argued with friend last Monday, therefore I didn't get good grades in my mid-term exams.

    (good grads, so exams). (I never heard of mid-semester but it might be ok to use)

    I felt (depressed/melancholy) and went climbing (climbing mountain? use hiking, or rock climbing攀岩) instead of staying at home.

    I felt calm and being able to release all the unhappiness.

    When I went to school the day after, I talked to my friend and explained what I was thinking and how I felt.

    (Unhappiness=unhappy things, just a better way to express)

    I think going outdoor is a good way to make myself feel (more comfortable/better).



    2006-11-11 13:20:45 補充:

    so that 可以放句首 用在逗點後面當連接詞今天看書看到的Piggy(人名)always clumsy, stood up and come to stand by him, so that Ralph rolled on his stomach and pretended not to see.

    2006-11-14 07:17:55 補充:

    To Ness~ what you said is true, but i just never heard people use mid-smester exam for 期中考by the way, i live in Canada

    2006-11-18 10:38:39 補充:

    TO Ness: cool~

    參考資料: myself, Lord Of The Flies
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  • 1 0 年前



    going outdoor 或 going out 應該跟comfortable這字聯不在一起


    I think taking part in outdoor activities is a good way to relieve depression.

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