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Mr chen's popularity has plummeted in recent months amid allegations of corruption involving senior aides, a son-in-law and the president's wife.In August the president himself was questioned by prosecutors over the use of false invoices to claim money from a fund available to him for pursuing clandestine diplomacy.

This would infuriate China. Its and Mr Ma's hopes lie in the various elections that are forthcoming:mayoral ones in Taipei and Kaohsiung at the end of this year, legislative polls in late 2007 and the presidential elections in 2008,when Mr Chen is constitutionally obliged to step down.The charismatic Mr Ma is a front-runner to succeed him.With Mr Chen and his party so politically damaged, it appears he has to do no more than wait.

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    陳先生的流行已經在聲稱腐敗與進階助手有關中在近幾個月墜落, 一個女婿和總統那兒 wife.再 8月總統他自己起訴人越過聲稱錢從他可用的專款適合追蹤祕密的外交的錯誤發票的使用詢問。

    這大怒中國。 它和馬希望先生在於即將要來的這各種各樣選舉︰在今年結束時的台北和高雄市長的, 在2007年後期的立法的投票和在2008年的總統選舉, 先生陳不得不走down.The有號召力先生什麼時候馬成功him.With先生陳的一最有可能獲勝的人和他聚會如此在政治上損壞, 似乎他必須確實頂多等待。

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