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suitable appropriate propper

suitable,appropriate,propper請解答這三字的差異 實際用法 並舉例說明 謝謝

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    suitable         appropriate        properproper只有一個p基本上這三個字都是用來形容[適當的, 適合的]1. suitable for - 比較常用來形容和工作有關係的情況2. appropriate - 可以使用在普通的概況, 也就是說大部分的時候是使用appropriate3. proper - 則是使用於和禮節是否恰當, 規則規矩等等以下是這三個單字的詳解suitable


    ] a. (形容詞 adjective)適合的,適當的,恰當的[Z][+to-v][+that]He wondered whether it would be proper to knock at her door.他不知道敲她的門是否恰當。合乎體統的,循規蹈矩的;正派的,高尚的Many young people think old people are too proper.許多年輕人認為老人太循規蹈矩。【口】真的[B]What Tom wants is a proper dog.湯姆想要的是一隻真的狗。嚴格意義上的,本身的[Z][A]How large is the city proper?市區本身有多大?【英】【口】完完全全的,徹底的[Z][B]特有的,獨特的[F][(+to)]The custom is proper to the island.這個風俗是這個島上特有的。【文】專有的小粉/PinKy @ L.A ♡

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    to Claire

    suitable 可以用來形容人啊

    He is not suitable for this job

    他不適合做這份工作 ..

    參考資料: from PinKy
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    1、suitable(for sth/sb, to do sth)- right or appropriate for a particular purpose or occasion

    ex:Would now be a suitable moment to discuss my report?

    **注意的是suitable不能用來修飾人,所以He is suitalbe for teaching.是錯誤用法,反之要用He is suited for teaching.

    2、appropriate (for/to) -suitable, acceptable or correct for the particular circumstances(狀況,情況)

    ex: a.Jeans are not appropriate for a formal party.

    b.The book was written in a style approprate to the age of the children.


    ex:We should have had a proper discussion before voting.

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    參考資料: Oxford Advanced Dictionary.