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我已經開LC給貴公司了, 但希望此次的訂單貴公司能注意一下機器的品質,若品質優良的話,未來我司將預計訂購3-5台機器,謝謝

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    I have issued the L/C to your company. However, it will be much appreciated if your company may draw more attention on the quality of the machines required by this purchase order. My company plans to purchase three to five more machines of such kind and our re-purchase decision will depend on our satisfaction with the ones on this order.

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    The L/C has been issued, but please make sure the quality of machineries ordered this time are satisfactory. If the quality is good to acceptable, we expet to order more 3-5 ones in the near future. Thanks for your time!

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    The L/C has been opened. Hope this time you can make the quality a satisfactory with us, so that we might order 3-5 more. Thanks.

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    補充一下: ...so that we might order 3-5 more in the future.