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情境 餐廳 旅遊 都可以


拜託摟 每個人至少要講到 6.7句

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    (One day, Linda, Meg and Vicki met)

    Linda: Meg! Vicki! It's so nice to see you!

    Meg: Oh! Linda and Vicki, I'm so surprised! How's everything going?

    Vicki: Oh, everything's good!

    Linda: How about let's have a lunch together.

    Meg: I have a great place to go.

    Vicki: Let's hurry, then!

    (They arrived a fancy restaurant, the waitress leads them to a seat, gives them menus, then leaves)

    Meg: This Japanese restaurant is known for their sushi, sashmi, and teriyaki.

    Linda: Let's order all three and share it.

    Meg: Good idea!

    (They chat while they eat the food)

    Vicki: So Linda, how's your coffee shop?

    Linda: Oh, it turns out great, thank you for asking.

    Meg: I envy you, Linda. Coffee shop looks like a happy job, unlike my lawyer career.

    Linda: I think if you look at things differently, you will have a new view!

    (They finish eating, they pay, and leave)

    Vicki: Let's have each one's phone number and see if we can meet again.

    Meg: I am going to miss you guys.

    Linda: Me too! Hope see you all soon!

    Vicki: Goodbye!

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  • 1 0 年前


    甲:Hi!long time no see


    乙:What do you want to eat? Or must wait for Jake to come?


    傑克:Is being called me? And so on has been very long? We start meal!


    乙:What has to eat?


    甲:You slowly looked !I first select! The belly hungry is very long!

      (你們慢慢看 我先點了!肚子餓很久囉!)

    甲:I take cup of Surface and soup


    傑克:Then I take cup of milk teaand a Hamburg


    乙:Then my cup of ices coffee are good!


    傑克:While convenient helps you a beginning! Waits for me!



    甲、乙、傑克:Finally may start!



    甲:Today eats is really full


    乙:Mmm has not been wrong


    傑克:That next time in together approximately!



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