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跟audio-lingual method有關的幾個問題

1.Should the commission of errors be prevented as much as possible?

2.Should the major focus be on the structural patterns of the target language?

3.Which of these or the other principles of the Audio-Lingual Method are acceptable to you?

4.Should it be memorized through mimicry of the teacher’s model?


學過audio-lingual method的你是怎麼認為的?



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    1. Yes, one of the principles of the audio-lingual method theory states that mistakes are bad and should be avoided, as they make bad habits.

    2. Yes, as the Structural view of language is the view behind the audio-lingual method. Particular emphasis should be laid on mastering the building blocks of language and learning the rules for combining them.

    3. The main principles of the audio-lingual method are:

    - language learning is habit-formation

    - mistakes are bad and should be avoided, as they make bad habits

    - language skills are learned more effectively if they are presented orally first, then in written form

    - analogy is a better foundation for language learning than analysis

    - the meanings of words can be learned only in a linguistic and cultural context


    4. No, as a typical procedure in an audio-lingual course is:

    - Students hear a model dialogue

    - Students repeat each line of the dialogue

    - Certain key words or phrases may be changed in the dialogue

    - Key structures from the dialogue serve as the basis for pattern drills of different kinds

    - The students practice substitutions in the pattern drills