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幫我看看這些英文老歌的原唱是誰? (第二系列)

I'll make love to you(我要和你做愛)

I'm not a girl,not yet a woman

In the morning(清晨)

I've never been to me(從不曾屬於自己)

Just the way you are(就是你現在的樣子)

kiss and say goodbye(吻後道別吧)


Lady Lady Lady


Let it be(讓它去吧)

Let's talk about a man


Lost in love(迷失在愛中)

Make it with you(與你共度)

Making love out nothing at all(讓愛一切成空)

More than words(言語之外)

Morning has broken(破曉)

My heart will go on(我心永不止息)

New kid in town(鎮上新來的小子)

No matter what(無論如何)


People need love

Please don't go

Please Mr. postman

Pretty Boy(美少男)

Raindrops keep on falling on my head(雨點不斷打在我頭上)

Reunited Right here waiting

Rivers Of babylon

Shape of my heart



Spanish guitar(西班牙吉他)

Spanish Harlem

Super trouper

Take it easy(別緊張)

Take my breath away

Tell me

Thank you(謝謝你)

That's why

The gift of love

The one you love(你所愛的人)

The power of love(愛的力量)

The way we were(我倆的過去)

The way you love me

The white Rose of athens

Three times a lady

Trouble(麻 煩)

Up where we belong(回到我們所屬的地方)

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    I'll make love to you - Boyz II Men

    I'm not a girl,not yet a woman - Britney Spears

    In the morning - Bee Gees

    I've never been to me - Charlene

    Just the way you are - Billy Joel

    kiss and say goodbye - The Manhattans

    Kokomo - The Beach Boys

    Lady Lady Lady - Barbara Acklin

    Lambada - Kaoma

    Let it be - The Beatles

    Let's talk about a man - Prezioso

    Longer - Dan Fogelberg

    Lost in love - Air Supply (叫這歌名的不只一首,不過我猜應該是這首吧)

    Make it with you - Bread

    Making love out nothing at all - Air Supply

    More than words - Extreme

    Morning has broken - Cat Stevens (不過這首歌真正來源已不可考,Cat Stevens應該有重新改過)

    My heart will go on - Celine Dion

    New kid in town - Eagles

    No matter what - Boyzone

    Overprotected - Britney Spears

    People need love - Abba

    Please don't go - KC & The Sunshine Band

    Please Mr. postman - The Marvelettes

    Pretty Boy - M2M

    Raindrops keep on falling on my head - B.J. Thomas

    Reunited - Peaches & Herb

    Right here waiting - Richard Marx

    Rivers Of babylon - Boney M.

    Shape of my heart - Sting (你應該不是問新好男孩的另一首歌吧)

    She - Charles Aznavour

    S.O.S. - Abba

    Spanish guitar - Toni Braxton

    Spanish Harlem - Ben E. King

    Super trouper - Abba

    Take it easy - Eagles

    Take my breath away - Berlin

    Tell me 這個真的不清楚,可能要聽到歌才知道,版本太多了

    Thank you - Led Zeppelin

    That's why - Michael Learns to Rock

    The gift of love - Bette Midler

    The one you love - Glenn Frey

    The power of love - Jennifer Rush

    The way we were - Barbara Streisand

    The way you love me - Faith Hill

    The white Rose of athens - Nana Mouskouri

    Three times a lady - The Commodores

    Trouble - Shampoo

    Up where we belong - Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes

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