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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'm **

Today, I'd like to take about my cats

I have four cats . theirs name are A.B.C.D

A. Short hair cat. More than 2 years old.

He is an understanding big boy who likes acting like a child.

Especially there are guests in the family. He always welcomes at first.

And his wife. B. It is one that has white hair and gentle girl.

Every night. Always lie at my side and fall asleep together silently

C and D. More than 1 years old. Their child. Very naughty and active.

Full of feeling of freshness to anything.

The C is the elder brother. A little fat person.

The D is a younger sister. A little graceful fair maiden. But apt to be shy

4 cats. 4 kinds of individual characters . Bring me happily and experience every day

Touch their head before going out. Came back home. Have already met me at the gate .

The activity that they like most is to sleep.

Though some trouble will happen once in a while .

For example: Scratch the sofa. Break my textbook by the teeth

But gaze at their big round eyes. I am soft-hearted

They are SO lovely . The only cost is my clothes and bed. All things. It is the hair forever

Thank you for your attention . I hope you will have a nice day .



A. 短毛貓.2歲多.他是一個善解人意又愛撒嬌的大男孩.尤其家裡有客人來.















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    Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'm **

    My presentation today is about my cats.

    I have four cats . Their names are A.B.C. and D.

    A. is almost 3 years old. He is a short hair cat. He is very considerate and loving cat.

    He is always act like a host of the family and the first to welcome our family guests at the door. B is his wife with lovely long white hair. She is a sweet and tender lady.

    Every night she lie quietly next to me and sleep by me. C and D are their children and only one years old. They are very hyperactive. They are full of curiosity to all things around them. C is older than D. C is a fat older brother and D is the younger sister. D is a shy and graceful young lady. My four cats has their own unique character. They made my daily life more happy and fulfilling. I pet their head everytime I leave the house. When They always await at the door for me when I come home. . Their favorite acitivity is sleeping. Though sometimes it trobles me when they scatch the sofa and tear my text books with their teeth. But when I look into their big round eyes. I forgive them. They are so adorable. My only price to pay is having to secrifies my clothes and bed with their furs all the time. Thank you all the audiences. Have a great day!

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    Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'm **

    Today, I'd like to talk about my cats

    I have four cats. Their names are A, B, C, and D.

    Cat A has Short hair who is older than 2 years.

    He is an understanding-mind cat and likes acting like big boy.

    Especially when there are guests come to visit me that he always be the first who welcomes the guests.

    His wife, B, is the one that has white hair and tender girl.

    Every night she always lies by my side and silently falls in sleep.

    C and D, older than 1 year, are the children of A and B. They are very active and interested in most things around them. C, the elder brother of D, is a fat guy.

    D is a younger sister. A graceful lady but little bit shy.

    4 cats have 4 different characters and they give me happiness experiences every day.

    Touch their head before going out. When I back to home, they have already waited me at the gate .

    The favorite of them most likely is sleeping.

    Even though, sometimes troubles would happen to me such as scratching the sofa and breaking my textbook by the teeth.

    However, I always become soft-hearted when they gaze me with the big round eyes.

    They are so lovely. The price for it is their hair always on my clothes, bed and all the things.

    Thank you for your attention. I hope you have a nice day.

    參考資料: me william
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