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    1,when the economic prosperity isn't good, should think know how save our expenditure more, don't step aside to pay big in income, and want to think know, wait for to the economic prosperity a return of spring, oneself how do, have what plan;The recession of the haze will wait for to rain to lead an it is clear in the past finally, denying the pole Tai, the bottom that only had those once in the valley does the enterprise of the good preparation, talent along with clear sky, victory of re- set out.The every preparation isn't enough, can't improve a product or announce new products during the period of recession of enterprise, all would at the dawn come, is thrown by the opponent to the back of brain.

    2,sky greatly is for wanting the circle"be an university student" of dream, and enrich own competition ability more, educate now popularization, establish university widely, let me feel more, if again not thoroughly substantial oneself, will become survival of the fittest in natural select under of sacrifice article, enter empty big these years, let my life enrich more, not only at there is very big results on the lessons, and know a lot of friends, so in the future day, if I graduate, I think I will continue to be getting empty to study greatly, enriching my life.

    3,the wedding is to make pleased tax of person, also is make person busy, how let each guests have already been subjected to the feeling for valuing, reception guest of this work is very important, first, When the guest arrive at, we should lead them to go to the most appropriate seat to sit down, prepare the tea and dessert for them immediately after, aring caring and attentive with them some kind of after, let the guest have a meal heartily, have a meal to half hour, we can go to a salute, seeing whether eat habitually today of meal, party be over after, should stand on the guest exit,11send thanks toward the guest and way good-bye, this reception person's work can calculate successfully and successfully.

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