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    我在想你所謂的「流動」應該比較偏向英文的 fluidity 或是 free-floating,因為不是很確定你的來源是什麼,所以先以個大體的印象來做揣測。(若你有比較確定想要表達的詞~可以與我說,我有辦法幫你找到正確的專有名詞)



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    Back to Patriarchy:

    (Kay L.) Hagan's theory has been criticized as being basically a fairly straightforward adaptation of the "liberation hypothesis," as females experience upward (mobility) and status change, their access to deviant and illicit behaviors expand. Morash and Chesney-Lind (1989, 1991) argue that a better explanation of female deviance, especially their lower rates of participation, would focus on nurturing relationship developed during socialization, leading them towards more prosocial behaviors. Female deviance becomes a product of the "sexual scripts" ...

    Cobb (Michael Owen)

    And so while we have crafted out an economy of rewards where women can do most everything men can do, is it any wonder that both women and men are more highly sexualized than ever before? The great failure of feminism is that it doesn't really tell women what to do with all that 'freedom' and 'equality'. It hasn't really created a new woman, merely women who do what men used to do, which is make enough money and have enough (mobility) in society to take care of themselves. Feminism hasn't changed how women actually raise children when they do, it suggests that child-rearing is just an arbitrary selection among many. The revolution is in contraception, fertility and virility drugs, but feminism doesn't adequately modify our understanding to prescribe what to do with all that. What works? Still the same old basic drives. Women want to be hot, men want hot women. Women want to be wanted by men who can get hot women (as opposed to men who want hot women but don't stand a chance). This is as it ever was, except that it has accellerated in this country to levels of public obsession and obscenity.


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    Sorry! Cobb is Michael Bowen, not Owen

    2006-11-16 09:48:07 補充: 請參考可以更確定!

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