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First I want to introduce a small nosh in

Taitong Chupping

It is named Shaun Chi Nue Ro Mean 湘琪牛肉麵

This store only sell beef noodle

It is a beef noodle monopolize store

When you are traveling in Taitong Chapping

you must well take a hot spring

And after enjoying your hot spring

you might feel a little hungry

The store that I have introduced is located

within Chapping twon centre

And you have don't worrie about if it is

hard to find or not

Because there is only one road in Chapping

which is not too quiet

Almost every local knows that so you could

ask one of these locals and he would tell

you where the store is instantly

Look at this picture

This is a meal with soya_mixed food

In Taiwan we call it 滷味 (lu_wei)

It is very savory and rich

that might be a good choice of your appertizer

There are two pictures

The left one is made with spicy

and the other one was not

But they all very tasty

This is its out side _looking very provincial

but inside

it is such a crush with peole every day



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    你的文章有點不順,我用道地的美式寫法讓你流暢一點。First, let me tell you about a small stand in Taitong Chupping named "Shaun Chi Nue Ro Mean" which only sells beef noodles. You could say they have a monopoly on beef noodle sales in Tai-tong Chupping. When you are traveling in Tai-tong Chapping, be sure to visit the hot spring. Stop and enjoy a soak and afterward you may be a little hungry.The stand I told you about, Shaun Chi Nue Ro Mean, is very easy to find. It is located within Chapping Town Centre, along the busy main road. Just ask one of the locals and they should be able to give you directions.Looking at the picture, it is what you call "Lu Wei" in Taiwan. It is a rich and savory and is a perfect choice as appetizer!The picture on the left is the 'spicy' one and the other 'regular', both are tasty just the same.If you look from the outside, it appears very provincial. However, if you get to see the interior, it is teeming with rushing people everyday.

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    參考資料: 王子出馬,保證無誤。