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    My favorite food is slippery egg river powder and meat bone tea of Malaysia, there is small steamed bun of ovary and digestive glands of a crab of Taiwan in addition,

    When I have the slippery egg river powder for the first time, my heart tells me, I, with fixed it forever, it spends my three of the my river powder of my beef to cooperate with flawlessly the egg, last ox river the universe on it different from by I in the past it take .. The tender egg of the fragrant egg beef of the egg flower and slippery egg of the river powder really let the souls of people lead dreams to entangle

    I have the feeling of the meat bone tea for the first time but surprised first and and then move! ! The surprise is because its taste leaves different from our meat bone tea instant noodles usually eaten, I had deceived all the time originally! ! More move being because meat bone in the teas sparerib can be than the rotten and have although soup head thick traditional Chinese medicine the fragrant and drink not standing up is the sweeting unexpectedly

    The same ovary and digestive glands of a crab small steamed bun, is it can give soup juice of it hot to I willing getting hot it another to take each time another, especially ovary and digestive glands of a crab and soup juice are exploded and opened in the twinkling of an eye in the mouth when grip down, thick strongly fragrant fragrance that will remain for a long time among lip tooth , can let even if me is it take first continue one even extremely to iron really! !

    I tried to look for the slippery egg river of the same taste and meat bone tea in Taiwan but I let me down ~~I also wanted to be having this kind of delicious food fly to Malaysia too after I thought! ! But the very dangerous steamed dumpling of my ovary and digestive glands of a crab can be had at any time ~~So long as I want to be scalded ~~I will go to register ! ! !

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    My most favorite food is the slippery egg river powder and

    the meat bone tea of Malaysia, still having the crab of

    Taiwan yellow small steamed bun besides,

    When I eat for the first time to slippery the egg river powder,

    my heart tells me, I forever follow settle it,

    egg flower~beef~the river powder~three concert flawless,

    is different from in former what I eat is dry to fry the cattle river..

    The egg flower of joss-stick~beef of delicate~and the river powder

    of slippery~really make the person distracted.

    And I eat to the feeling of the meat bone tea for

    the first time~then is a surprise first~and then touched!!

    Surprise is because of its flavor with us usually eat of

    the meat bone tea instant noodles is totally different,

    originally I am always cheated!!And touched isn't lousy

    because the sparerib in the meat bone tea

    can be so soft unexpectedly~and although the soup head

    contain very thick Chinese herbal medicine joss-stick~drink

    but is very pure and sweet

    Another one small steamed bun with yellow crab,

    although each time eat all would its soup juice to burn to~

    I still willing is always burned bottom by it go to,

    be a crab for sip to bite off go to Huang and

    the soup juice particularly to explode to open in a twinkling in,

    that heavy aroma will not spread once in a very long while

    between the lips Chi, really would let I calculate quilt very

    hot die also want one by one!!

    I try after Taiwan find one slippery egg river of flavor and

    the meat bone tea~ but all let me be disappointed~~

    I think me to still think Be eating to this kind of

    delicacy and also only canning fly to Malaysia!!

    However the good insurance my crab wine's wrapping is

    to can eat at any time to~~want I think a quiltonly very hot~~

    I will register!!!


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