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    clerk: good afternoon, ma'am, how may i help you?

    customer: yes, do you have chocolate buns or chocolate pastries?

    clerk: well, let me think.....i am sorry, so far as i know that we had sold out our last batch of chocolate pastries and i am afraid that chocolate buns are not many either now.

    customer: are you telling me that i won't get the thing i wanted most even i had spent my time through the rain like hell today?

    clerk: calm down, please, ma'am. i feel sorry for you too but our chocolate pastries and buns are our best-sale pruducts!! almost no one else can resist the aroma and flavor of them. since you are the fan of our products, i can tell you about our production policies. one of the policies is all our products are limited in producing quantity. that is the way how we can control the quality. you see, if there is no quality in our products, definitely there is no quantity of your patron and we will lose all our income.

    customer: well, it might make sense to me but what about my purchase? will i get out of here with my empty hands?

    clerk: if you wouldn't mind to buy the rest of our buns, you may have them all with a special discount, that's all i can do for you so far. by the way, here are some of our coupons so you may redeem them for discounts if you would come over and patron us next time.

    customer: well, i guess i got nothing much to say about all these. to tell the truth, i'm satisfy to your service, i think i will come over here again.

    clerk: thank you very much, ma'am, it's our pleasure. in fact, we are glad to know how highly we are appreciated by the disappointment and madness you had revealed. you will be welcomed at all time.

    customer: you know how to talk sweetly, do you? (it's)good to know that too, ok, where are my buns now?

    我不清楚版大是否還需要翻譯,所以我先自己編寫,如果需要翻譯,請版大再告知.也希望符合版大"從嚴從難從長"的要求. ^_^

    參考資料: teaching experience.
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    In the clothes shop

    Shop Keeper(S): May I help you, Sir/Ma'am?

    Client(C): Yes. Well, I am wondering if you have other colers available in this style??

    S: Yes, sure. Please come with me. Here, we have Pink, Brown, Green, and of course black. Which color do you like in particular?

    C: I guess green is good. Can I try it on?

    S: Sure, there's the dressing room

    After trying the clothes on.

    S: What do you think about it? It looks perfectly on you!

    C: Well, I know. However, I think the Waist is too lose for me, could you bushel it for me?? And do you cover the cost for busheling or do I have to pay extra for this?

    S: Certainly, we offer the bushel service. However, we charge 50% of the fee and cover the other.

    C: Sure then. I do love the clothes, but could you make the price a little better?? $120 for this is a little too much, let's say $90??

    S: i couldn't make it $90, the farthest i can go is $100, which is merely 15% off for this lastest design.

    C: OK then, i will take it.

    S: You are paying by credit card or cash?

    C: Cash.

    S: Here you are. Thanks for shopping here, we hope to see you again soon. Bye

    參考資料: 自己
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    A : How much doest it cost ?

    B : 2,500 New Taiwan Dollars.

    A : Oh, it's for higher than my budget. Can you do me a favor by giving some discount ?

    B : At most 5% discount. That's the limit.

    A : Sorry, I can't afford it. I'm afraid that I must go to other shops.


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