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請大家介紹一些你們自己覺得不錯聽的西洋歌給我ˊˇˋ新歌/老歌** 都行@@只要是有特別涵意的或是好聽的...等3Q~!!

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    Gwen Stefani [關史蒂芬妮] - Hollabsck Girl

    Usher[亞瑟小子] - Yeah!

    眼豆豆 - Don't Phunk My Heart、Pump It、Let’s Get Retarded、Where Is The Love

    艾薇兒 - My Happy Ending、展翅高飛

    丹尼爾 - Bad Day

    Madonna[瑪丹娜] - Take a Bow

    Celine Dion[席琳迪翁] - My Heart Will Go On、I'm Your Angel

    LeAnn Rimes[黎安萊姆絲] - Pink、Get The Party started 、Pussycat Dolls

    PCD 同名專輯 - Don't Cha、

    Jennifer Lopez[珍妮佛洛佩茲] - Get Right

    Beyonce[碧昂絲] - Check on it (Maurice Nu Soul Mix)、Check On It (Feat. Slim Thug)、Crazy In Love ft. Jay-Z 、Signs ft. Missy Elliot、Be With You

    LL Cool J[艾爾酷傑] - Control Myself - Jennifer Lopez

    Remy Ma[雷米瑪] - Conceited (Theres Something About Remy)、Feels So Good Feat Ne-Yo

    Lil'Kim[莉兒金] - Lighters Up

    Mariah Carey[瑪麗亞凱莉] - It's Like That、We Belong Together、Shake It Off、We Belong Together

    Kylie Minogue[凱莉米洛] - Can't Get You Out Of My Head

    Puff Daddy [吹牛老爹] - I'll Be Missing You

    真命天女&尼力 - 左右為難(Dilemma)

    小甜甜布蘭妮 - DoSomethin、Lucky

    白金傳奇~80西洋經典大全 - Shout-Tears For Fears

    嘻哈大師 - The Nest Episode

    阿姆&五角 - Party Up-DMX




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    Pop Princess- The Click Five

    Moi Lolita- Alizee

    What You Waiting For- Gwen Stefani

    U Make ME Wanna- BLUE

    Broclen- Seeter

    A Town Call Hypocrisy- Lostprophets

    Beautiful Woman- Backstreet Boy

    Time To Dance

    I Write Sins Not Tragedies- Panic! at the Disco

    Daughters- John Mayer

    Tainted Love- Marilyn manson

    ...Baby One More Time- Bowling For Soup

    Kids With Guns- Gorillaz

    In The Shadow- The Rasmus

    Losing Grip- Avril Lavigne

    Somewhere I Belong- Linkin Park


    BEcause Of You- Kelly Clarkson

    Soul Meets Body- Death Cab For Cutie


    Love Me For ME


    L.O.V.E- Ashlee Simpson

    Why Not

    Fly- Hilary Duff

    Shame on Me

    40 Kinds Of Sadness- Ryan Cavrera

    ice ice Baby- Vanilla Ice

    Left Outside alone- Anatasia

    Stacy's Mom- Fountains Of Wayne

    I JUst Wanna Live- Good Charlotte


    London Bridge

    Glamorous- Fergie

    ( I Got That ) Boom Boom

    Do Someting

    Toxic- Britney Spears

    James Dean- Daniel Bedingfield

    If i Ain't Got YOu- Alicia Keys

    Penny And ME- Hansons

    Take A Look Around- Limp Bizkit

    Wake Me Up When September Ends


    Basetcase- Green Day

    Right Now

    Your Song

    "O"- Love Psychedelico

    Love Like Winter- A.F.I

    Numai Tu- O-Zone

    Love Me...Love Me


    Maybe- Arsenium

    White Flag- Dido

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    節奏輕快 個人認為不錯聽

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