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ex: repeat after me....等等的課堂常用句



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    Stand up. 起立

    Sit down. 坐下

    Be quite. 安靜

    Take out your book. 拿出課本

    Turn to page... . 打開到...頁

    Repeat after me. 跟著我讀

    Look at the black board. 看黑版

    Close your book. 闔上你的書

    Get a pencil. 準備一枝鉛筆

    Ready? Go! 準備好了嗎? 開始

    Read this dialogue. 讀這一篇對話

    May I go to the bathroom? 我可以去廁所嗎?

    Take a five minutes break. 休息5分鐘

    See you next time. 下次見

    參考資料: my experience
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  • Cherie
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    Bend your knees. 屈膝 Do your homework. 作功課 Don't push. 別推擠

    Check the time. 看看時間 Don't run. 別跑 Check your work. 檢查作業

    Hand out your homework. 交作業 Let's color. 著色 Lift your arms. 舉手

    How are you doing? 你好嗎 Draw a circle. 畫個圈 It's your/my turn. 該你/我了

    Look at the board. 看黑板 Look left. 向左看 Look right. 向右看

    Read a book. 去看書 Sorry, I'm late. 對不起,我遲到了 Say goodbye. 道別

    Touch your nose. 摸摸鼻子 Wave to your friend. 向你朋友招手 Turn your head. 轉頭

    Touch your mouth. 摸摸嘴巴 Walk slowly. 走慢一點 Wash your face. 去洗臉

    Touch your ears. 摸摸耳朵 Throw the ball. 把球丟出去 Touch your eyes. 摸摸眼睛

    Shake hands. 握手 Thank you very much. 非常感謝你 This is for you. 這是給你的

    Run quickly. 快跑 Take off your cap. 脫帽 Make a circle. 圍圈圈

    參考資料: ^^
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