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so happy together 是誰唱的????

so happy together 是誰唱的????


披頭四有哪些好聽歌? 推薦一下吧^^!~ 越多越好喔~!

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    你說的這首歌Happy Together並不是披頭四唱的,不過聲音的確有幾分神似,原唱者是"Frank Zappa",之後有不少歌手及樂團重唱.


    Happy TogetherSay!Imagine me and you,I do,I think about you day and nightIt's only right,To think about the girl you loveAnd hold her tight,So happy togetherIf i should call you up,Invest a dimeAnd you say you belong to me,And ease my mindImagine how the world would be,So very fine,So happy together(just like a big rock-show)I can't see me lovin' nobody but you for all my lifeWhen you're with me, baby,The skies will be blue for all my life(everybody sing along like a big rock-show, come on!)Babababababababababababababa...One more time!Babababababababababababababa...We'd like to thank you very much for comin' to our concert tonightI know that a way it's sad that bill graham is closin'Down the fillmore, but ah, i'm sure he'll get into somethin' betterIt's been lovely, workin' for you this evenin'Good night, good night, good night boys and girls!Good night, good night boys and girls, good night!

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    披頭四是唱come together..